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Acting from fear, stealing life


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My thoughts go out tonight to the victims of the terror attacks in Mumbai.  One upsetting aspect of these crimes is the selection of targets by nationality. 

When I see evidence of the dedication and resourcefulness of these young bombers brought to bear to kill other human beings, I think "what a fucking waste." 

You could have used your gifts, your energy, your life to bring life to others, to make other lives richer.  Instead, you brought death.  You stole life. 

Times like this call for personal and public affirmation of the principles of nonviolence to which Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. gave their lives.  Violence begets violence unless a conscious choice is made to break that cycle.

[Image: AFP]

From the NY Times today:

KABUL, Afghanistan -- An airstrike by United States-led forces killed 40 civilians and wounded 28 others at a wedding party in Kandahar Province in southern Afghanistan, Afghan officials said Wednesday. The casualties included women and children, the officials said.

The United States military and Afghan authorities were investigating the reports about the latest attack, the American military said in a statement, but it gave no confirmation of the strikes or any death toll.
By now, this is a familiar pattern.

The outlines of a cynical strategy emerge: deny, deny, deny for the first week or two until the story recedes from the front pages, then concede in bits and pieces until the story is broken up and defused over time and new distractions materialize. 
But this strategy only works if you stop blowing up wedding parties or villages every other month.
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