U.S. Immigration Reform: September 2007 Archives

(Picture from MSNBC)

I didn't even know the Democrats had a debate last night, but it's worth covering because it looks like every single one of the candidates came out in support of sanctuary cities. It's good that the Democrats are finally taking a stand on this issue. In the flawed U.S. two-party system your now either pro-migrant (Democrats) or anti-migrant (Republicans except for John McCain), when Democrats initially seemed as if they wanted to skirt the issue.

You can watch what each of the Democrats had to say on sanctuary cities in this New England Cable News segment.

I hate giving extremists attention, but someone has to start calling out Tom Tancredo for the fascism he is spewing. I never thought I would see the day that a U.S. Presidential candidate would offically advocate for the prosecution of legislators for introducing a bill.

New Hampshire Democrats Lily Mesa and Susi Nord recently proposed House Bill 404 is described as "an act prohibiting state and local law enforcement agencies from enforcing federal immigration laws". To use the favored term of anti-migrant advocates it would have made New Hampshire a "sanctuary" state. For those of you that were wondering, sanctuary is a negative term for people like Tancredo. Concepts like mercy and justice make Tancredo's blood boil.