U.S. Electoral Politics: November 2010 Archives

Despite my serious reservations with the Democratic Party based on Democrats':

  1. Failure to pass any pro-migrant legislation despite holding the White House and large majorities in both houses of Congress

  2. Failure to introduce any comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate until it was too late to be voted on

  3. Failure to implement significant pro-migrant administrative reforms, including long-promised detention reforms

  4. Failure to tell the truth to immigrant rights voters about the political prospects for immigration reform

  5. Failure to tell the truth about the Obama administration's immigration policies

  6. Commitment to deporting Cambodian survivors of genocide brought to the U.S. as child refugees

  7. Abject cowardice when confronted by nativist Republicans in the Senate 

  8. Success in deporting more immigrants and separating more families each year than George Bush ever did
... I will be casting my vote tomorrow for the candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania who supports undocumented youth and has co-sponsored the DREAM Act - Rep. Joe Sestak.  While I am unhappy with the U.S. democratic project in general and the Democratic Party in particular, the principal (and possibly the only) reason I'll be voting tomorrow is because Dreamers have asked for the support of those of us who can vote since they cannot.  If you have the opportunity this election to vote in favor of one of the DREAM Act co-sponsors listed below, I encourage you to hold your nose and do so.

Co-sponsors in the Senate (with date of sponsorship):