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Great to see migrant youth leaders at the fore of making this a reality.  Sombrero tip to The Sonia G.

It was blogged at midnight, here
Prerna Lal over at has five actions you can take for the DREAM Act:

1. Drop in to visit Congressional members: If you are in the Washington D.C. area or can afford to come to D.C. to lobby Senators, now is the time to do so. There is no risk involved, even if you are undocumented. To date, no Senator or House representative or their various aides on Capitol Hill has ever looked at an undocumented student in the eye and actually said, "I don't think you deserve to live here." Here is a small guide on how to meet with your Senator or Representative.

2. Keep those calls coming - On Thursday, the immigrant youth network alone made close to 10,000 calls. They aimed for 15,000 on Friday. For some offices, pro-DREAM Act calls are finally matching and even beating the anti-immigrant calls against the legislation. Now is not the time to give up. If a third-grader can make calls, so can you. Here is a target list to get you started with instructions for what to say.

3. Email, email email - Don't underestimate the power of email petitions. At, we have stopped several deportations and directed thousands of emails to Congressional members and their aides for immigrant rights.

4. Join the grassroots actions - Immigrant youth are organizing in their own states to show their support for the DREAM Act. It shows solidarity while drawing media attention to the issue. You can see a list of actions here and even hold your own.

5. Fax - After making the calls and driving the emails, how about helping to jam some fax lines for the DREAM Act? Get on it here.

Prerna Lal - (19 September 2010)

This is also a good time to let folks know where they should be getting their immigration news and views.  Prerna Lal has always been a leader over at and she's been joined recently by Alex DiBranco, who also does good work.