Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere: October 2009 Archives

I'm hoping this post will mean the SanctuarySphere and my posting at Citizen Orange is back in swing.  My apologies for the long absence.

DREAMer Nightmares refered from Dream Act Texas.

She is undocumented, but has been in this country since the age of three and is a top student at her high school. Yet, unless the law changes soon, she will be unable to continue with her studies. She tells my students at the University of Arizona that it is wrong that she will not be able to attend college next year: "I consider myself a U.S. citizen. It's the only country I've ever known."

Loco Lou Dobbs Claims he was Shot At! Blames Geraldo! ANTI Websites Reporting LIES as Truth! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

"American" Apparel, Kidnappings, and Fines in Depression-era Immigration Enforcement at Smart Borders.

Despite the persistent high rate of unemployment in the United States, the need for comprehensive immigration reform is as urgent today as the first day Obama took office.

Migrant Detention in Georgia

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The Friends Community on National Legislation indirectly called me out through their blog, It's Our Community, for my post on Luis Gutierrez, yesterday:

The blogs are all buzzing with chatter about yesterday's rally and Rep. Gutierrez's introduction of principles for his bill on comprehensive immigration reform. Yes, the principles are more vague than some of us had hoped. No, this appears not to be yet another enforcement-heavy bill like those we have seen in the past few years. So, let's take this moment to recognize this opportunity for what it is - a real opportunity to advance immigration reform this Congress - and come together.
Becca Sheff - It's Our Community (14 October 2009)
I'm not going to refute Sheff because I really respect her willingness to take a stand and push back.  That's what social media and the sanctuarysphere should be all about.  The reason I'm linking to her is because she highlights a video worth watching on migrant detention produced by Georgia Detention Watch

Reconsider Columbus Day

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A lot of good pro-migrant bloggers have already written thoughts on Columbus Day.  I don't have much to add to what Prerna over at, Maegan over at Vivir Latino, and Marisa over at Latina Lista have written already.  I spent my Columbus Day the same way I try to spend every Columbus Day, working for justice.

I did want to leave everyone with a video that went viral on facebook, today.  I first came across it through Jorge Rivas over at Racewire.  It's entitled "Reconsider Columbus Day".  Jorge Rivas also links to a petition you can sign for a National Holiday for Native Americans.