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NCLR and NDN Call For Congress to Pass Immigration Reform This Year at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Across the Country, People Pray for Immigrants at Standing FIRM.

Last week the Interfaith Immigration Coalition launched the "Prayer, Renewal and Action on Immigration" campaign, calling on faith and community leaders to hold vigils and pray for the protection of immigrants and their families and the moral courage of leaders in Washington to promote just and humane Immigration Reform.

Silence of Good People at Smart Borders on Sheriff Joe and his shameful act.

Call Your Reps!: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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One More Thing You Can Do! Ask your family to call their Representatives! at Immigration Equality Blog. The Uniting American Families Act is being reintroduced today. Call your representatives!

Urgent ACTION: Confirm Hilda Solis to the Senate! at Standing FIRM. Go to the post and sign the petition.

Ideas for Change in America - Final Round of Voting from Jan 5 to Jan 15 at A Dream Deferred. Check out this post for instructions on voting for at It's important to take the time to vote as the winning ideas will be presented to Obama on the 16th.

Immigration Detention Reform Moves to Front Burner at Of America.

Guantanamo Bay isn't the only prison crisis that President Barack Obama will have to deal with. There's another crisis growing - in the many immigration detention centers carpeting the interior of the country.

Citizen Arpaios?: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Bender's Immigration Bulletin directs us to the story: Two women arrested after alleged kidnapping at Bellingham Wal-Mart.

NYTimes Takes on Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Latino Politico.

Racial Profiling in the Los Angeles Police Dept at Dream Act Texas.

Widow sues over man's death at immigration center at Just News.

Hiu Lui "Jason" Ng (HYEW' Lew Eng), a 34-year-old computer engineer accused of overstaying his visa, died of liver cancer in August, weeks after being taken to the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls. His cancer went undiagnosed until days before he died.

Nadler reintroducing UAFA before Valentine's Day! Urge your Rep to cosponsor! at Immigration Equality.(click on the link for instructions on contacting your representative.)

You can make the bill a success by convincing your Representative to support the bill from Day One. Reintroducing the bill with as many cosponsors as possible will show powerful momentum for the rights of gay and lesbian binational couples!

VOICES at Smart Borders. Here is an event brining people together to discuss the contributions immigrants have had on the economy in Minnesota. Also Nativists Unmasked- SPLC's February Report.

Paraded in Chains: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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Sorry for the long pause in my posting. I moved to Texas at the beginning of this year and have been working on getting things together. Part of this process involved finding a place to get some volunteer time in. The place I've been working with helps people living with HIV and other terminal illnesses. The majority of the people I work with are fabulous, quality people. However, during one of our volunteer meetings I was reminded of how much crap Mexican people have to deal with. The group was discussing an upcoming garage sale and possible items to sell. A white man in the group stated "how much can we get for five Mexicans?" This statement was met with much puzzlement as the group is made up of people of all races and is supposed to be based on showing compassion. He was called out for his statement still today he is still apologizing.

What is it that makes it ok to hate on Mexicans? And why when you're at an organization that helps people do you still encounter this sort of intolerance? I guess these are questions I'll never be able to answer. With that said, thanks for your patience and here are the stories from around the SanctuarySphere.

Chained Immigrants Paraded By Arizona Sheriff at Hatewatch. Also Racists Threaten To Abandon GOP Over Election Of First African-American Party Chairman and New SPLC Report: Three leading anti-immigration groups share extremist roots.