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O Obama, Where Art Thou? asks Para Justicia y Libertad on Obama's ignoring Latinos in Texas. Also Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Round-Up: 07/30/2008.

Watch How To Tell People They Sound Racist at Awearness Blog. Great video by Jay Smooth breaking down the difference between the "what they did" conversation and the "who they are" conversation.

Watch the video. Jay does a fantastic job at establishing a simple strategy for dealing with the unexpected Public Display Of Ignorance (or PDI).

The Postville ICE Raid: An Enormous Abuse of Power from David Neiwert of Orcinus, posted at AlterNet.

It's worth remembering that incipient police states target the most vulnerable members of society.

The Bully in Phoenix on Sheriff Arpaio at Dream Act Texas.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon escalated his feud with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Tuesday, calling on the national media to come to the Valley and observe the sheriff's crackdown on illegal immigration.

Read about, and watch, the video "A Hidden System" and the Human Cost of Detention at Of América.

First I would like to give mention to a blog I discovered yesterday titled Shalom Rav which gives us the story of the recent rallies to support migrants in Postville. The post is titled Demanding Justice in Postville and includes many pictures. Please take a moment to leave a comment in support of this Rabbi's wonderful actions.

1,000 March to Protest Postville Raid at Standing FIRM. Also Sherriff Joe Arpaio Honored to be called KKK, a new book Debunking the myth of the "Latino Threat" and Update: PA Teens Charged in Fatal Beating of Luis Ramirez.

Latino Politico has put together a list of over 30 blogs that have written on Jon Justice in Sites Covering Jon Justice's Sexual Escapades.

I believe we posted this before, but it never hurts to Know your rights. Watch this video on what to do if ICE shows up to your job or home at American Wetback.

'A line was crossed at Postville' at Orcinus on Erik Camayd-Freixas' article.

A Clue to the Future of ICE Raids at Dream Act Texas. ACLU on Operation Endgame which is the plan to remove all undocumented immigrants by 2012. More information in Wikipedia on Operation Endgame and A Search for Operation Endgame.

Hell Between Four Walls: Part I, Caught Inside an ICE Detention Center, Part II and Part III.

Race, Politics & the Deadly Rise of (Corporate) Media Sovereignty at Of América.

Nowhere was the threat more palpable than around that most critical of media issues of our time, Net Neutrality, the struggle to keep the internet open and free from the clutches of the exploiters of journalists, the purveyors of candy-coated UnTruth and enablers of government secrecy: Big Media.

Today's top story in the Sanctuarysphere is about the anti-migrant group ALIPAC.US.  It's been alleged by members of the watchdog site, ALIPAC.Net, that they weren't paying their payroll taxes.  In a beautiful twist of irony, the person who claims to have alerted the IRS, if they turn in the forms to claim the reward, will use the money as donation to help the people in Postville. Read Anti-Immigration Group Caught Not Paying Taxes at Damn Mexicans. Who doesn't pay taxes Mr. Gheen?

The Politics of Humanity: Who Let This Vato Go On Air at Para Justicia y Libertad. In reference to the story of Isabel Garcia this article tells us of frustration and the desiccation of tears which occurs when one's seen so much sadness.

No matter how carefully orchestrated, deportation dehumanizes people who come to this country to work hard to produce the many luxuries to which many like Jon Justice and Sheriff Joe Arpaio have grown accustomed - clean offices and classrooms, the food that is prepared for them at the restaurants they frequent, the food that is ready to buy at their local grocery stores, the homes they live in, and keeping this nation safe by serving the military.
Update on the Luis Ramirez Story: Three teens charged in beating death of Luis Ramirez at Latino Politics Blog. You can also read more at Mexico Trucker in A Turning Point? - 3 Pennsylvania teens charged in immigrant's death.

Headlining today's SanctuarySphere I'm including the various posts on Jon Justice and his rape-fantasy fondle of an Isabel Garcia effigy. Isabel Garcia is a pro-migrant human rights activist in Arizona and a public defendant.  Jon is a run-of-the-mill scapegoating hate-for-profit radio host in Arizona.  To learn more about Isabel and to learn of Jon's heinous act read the following posts.

Latino Politico
Citizen Orange
The Unapologetic Mexican
American Humanity
Alternet (call to action sent to their email list)
Feathered Bastard (Phoenix New Times)

.....fill out the questionnaire.

Two of the members from the SanctuarySphere, Kety and Liza, spoke last night at Obama's Platform For Change in New York.  Liza reminded us that health care, food, education, housing, safety and work are all human rights.  She also asked that the term "illegal immigrant" and "illegal alien" be dropped from the discussion on immigration as it has become a tool of extremists in this country.  She asked instead that everyone use the term "undocumented worker."  Hearing the audience clap after this statement was quite promising.  Kety brought up The Sanctuary and the questionnaire asking that we take a holistic approach immigration problem.  To finish she stated quite eloquently:

I'm here because that our nation can be something amazing, something beautiful and great, but I think that we the people here - and I think the Democratic Party has a long way to go to actualize it.  I think you have the chance now with Obama - so, let's make it happen.

Sadly there were more ICE raids this week.  This time it was Ohio - Immigration raids Ohio restaurants, arrests 58.

State and Local Round-up at Standing FIRM. Tears of Rage, Tears of Hope on the woman chained while giving birth. Also Hartford Considers Restriction to Make Community Safer by prohibiting police officers from inquiring about a person's immigration status. Update: Providence, Rhode Island Raids - How to Help!
Demonstrating that local activism does work a group of from Grassroots Leadership, Southwest Workers Union, No Wall-Big Bend, and PODER were able to convince Congressman Rodriguez, in San Antonio, to change his stance on the SAVE Act.

Advocates Protest the SAVE Act, meet with Congressman Rodriguez at T Don Hutto Blog.  Check out the post and accompanying video.

Friday, July 11, the group met with Rodriguez to express their concerns about his endorsement, calling on him to participate in a national sign-on letter against the SAVE Act. After arguing the expansion of the border wall and family detention included in the SAVE Act would be detrimental to families, citizens, and newcomers to the U.S., the group convinced Rodriguez to rethink his position.
Also read LULAC Calls for Abolition of T. Don Hutto.

At Smart Borders we have Something there is that doesn't love a Wall, Part 6. This post tells of the walls in Belfast erected to keep Irish-Catholics and British-Protestants separated.

These walls have increased to more than 40 today, covering over 13 miles and segregating much of this once-thriving city. Alternately built of steel, iron, and brick, these walls stretch up to 25-feet high and prohibit the movement of people from the Irish-Catholic parts of town to the British-Protestant sections.

In MJM: A Sarcastic Thanks for Clearing Our Community at Anti-BVBL a Manassas youth thanks her town for helping to "cleanse" her town.  While a portion speaks ill of those working low paying jobs (which I don't agree with) the majority of it brings the 'crackdowns' into perspective.

Texas Going Blue? and Lopez Lomong an immigrant who will be competing for the U.S. in this year's Olympics.

NYTimes: Pushing Back on Immigration at Standing FIRM. Also read the disturbing story Fake Cop threatens deportation and demands sex from pregnant woman and Human Rights Violations in NW Detention Center.

Also we read of another raid in Raids in Colorado!.

In Why people are undocumented - dreamacttexas 1st Anniversary Series DAT begins their series by giving us some examples of why people remain undocumented while reminding us that many cannot afford even the basic sustenance for sustaining life. We have a terrible example of human callousness in The Meaningless Dead. In Mexico strategizes for better treatment of undocumented migrants in the U.S. we learn that undocumented immigrants are being treated better in Mexico than the U.S.

Para Justicia y Libertad brings us Netroots Nation's Dos Centavos Online Video.

In Is it ever ok to say "Stupid Mexicans?" at Dream Act Texas. In light of The New Yorker's cover and the recent beating death of a Mexican migrant in Shenandoah, PA we are beginning to see some disturbing trends. Just as many can use the "nation of laws" routine to belittle Hispanics The New Yorker can satirize Obama because they're just showing what some Americans think of him.

Read Almost half-a-million undocumented residents live in Houston! at Dream Act Texas. This article links to a study showing how undocumented workers contribute greatly to the economy.

Mexican Immigrant Beaten To Death In Pennsylvania at American Humanity.

Previous Anti-Illegal Activist Joins the Conversation at Anti-BVBL.

Jason Riley, African-American Conservative Writes Pro-Immigrant Book at Eristic Ragemail.


Watch Lou Dobb's head explode in The Secret Behind Lou’s Fear! at The Unapologetic Mexican. John Stewart uses the 'Dobbsometer' to see how the candidate are doing in gaining the Latino vote. Sadly we get our most truthful news from the Comedy Channel.

Mexican Immigrant Beaten To Death In Pennsylvania at American Humanity.

Today's SanctuarySphere post brings us the terrible story of ICE raids in Rhode Island courthouses yesterday leading to dozens of arrests. Once again people hard at work are rounded up like cattle and taken away while their families sit worried and waiting. 

Community says no to ICE Raids in Providence!

Bryan Monaghan
Story Created: Jul 15, 2008 at 10:11 PM EDT

Dozens of advocates and activists demonstrated outside of the downtown Providence ICE office on Tuesday night, protesting an late afternoon raid. Representatives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement tell ABC 6 that almost two dozen people were rounded up, from Kent County Courthouse in Warwick and from the Providence District Court building.

Dozens arrested in raids at courthouses - Providence Journal


Journal Staff Writers

Leonardo Tornes waits outside the ICE headquarters building in Providence last night. The Providence Journal / Ruben W. Perez PROVIDENCE — Federal immigration agents and state police raided six Rhode Island courthouses yesterday, arresting dozens of people employed by two contractors hired by the state. The detainees are all believed to be maintenance workers.
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The Sanctuary is an organic garden of sanity, justice and compassion. In this garden the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and the fruits of hard work are being realized.  Thanks to all the farmers here pushing for truth and justice. 

Score One for the Latinosphere at Para Justicia y Libertad on the article in the Wall Street Journal about efforts to wake up the candidates.

Shackled Like An Animal During Labor at Latino Politico.

Nine months pregnant and in labor, she was shackled until two hours prior to the birth of her child and then re-shackled afterwards. Following the birth of the baby, authorities denied her the ability to breast feed the newborn, who was at a high risk of jaundice as a result of it.
Also check out Man Eegee's post on Wall Street Journal Covers Our Questionnaire.

Of América also writes on the Wall Street Journal story in Of América Mentioned in Wall Street Journal.

The Unapolgetic Mexican brings us Sanctuary Members on CNN.

Yesterday the questionnaire for presidential candidates regarding immigration and important related issues went out to each party. HOPEfully we'll be getting those answers. Thanks to everyone who worked diligently to make this happen. You can read each of the Sanctuary blogger's posts on this questionnaire by visiting the post titled The Sanctuary asks questions of Candidates.

It looks like Razzo over at Eristic Ragemail had enough and called Peter Brimelow of VDARE. Read his conversation in Like Marshmallow for Chocolate: My conversation with Peter Brimelow. (I failed to read the tag "satire" when I wrote this earlier.  Oops.)

Homeland Security at Smart Borders. In this post we learn that the real threat to homeland security is the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland security should mean preserving the humanitarian aspects of our society rather than building walls and weaponizing against supposed terrorists.

Lumping all "Teen Illegals" Together at Dream Act Texas. Check out a list of scholarships, none of which are available to DREAMers, in List of Scholarships. Also read 3 North Texas teens facing deportation receive help from Representative, When being a citizen doesn't count on the Bush regimes desire to basically do what they want, and regarding the wiretapping bill (FISA) that just passed A Short History on Racial Profiling - October 30, 2001.

Fear & Despair: Thanks, Department of Homeland (In-)Security! at La Mariposa en la Pared. Janna gives us a window into the lives of immigrants, but as she says:

Occasionally, though, I have to show the ugly things that are happening to them, all in the name of the Law. For every victory in the name of human dignity, it seems like we are suffering a thousand defeats. I say "we" because injustice against any person is cause for alarm; an injury to one is an injury to all.

More Bodies Found Along La Frontera at Latino Politico and McCain Didn't Vote on FISA.

a little late...

The terror that is Agriprocessors continues to unfold. Postville Latest Update: Low Level Hispanic Supervisors Arrested, Warrant Out for Jewish Manager who Fled to Israel! Feds said Plant "Medieval!" at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. Also read Postville Update: Severed Limbs Common at Agriprocessor´s Medieval Plant!

9 Year Old Sends Desperate Plea to Laura Bush to save Father from Deportation at Standing FIRM along with Update: Annapolis Painting Services Raids - How to Help! Also watch The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez on a man killed by Marines at the border.

Before passing draconian immigration bill, one state conducts self-audit to see if illegal immigration hype matches the facts at Latina Lista. Even though they're working on passing immigration legislation at least their taking the time to see how undocumented migrants impact their community.

Detention Watch Network Releases NEW Map at T Don Hutto Blog.

The Detention Watch Network has released a new and improved interactive map of immigration detention. The map includes detention centers, community organizations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Offices, and Immigration Courts. A fantastic resource for public education!
Also read American Immigration Lawyers Association on Alternatives to Detention.

Daily Headlines: July 4, 2008 at The Latin Americanist. Also watch the muppets perform "Stars and Stripes Forever" in Today's Video: Happy Fourth of July, "wierdos".

Detainee Deaths lead IG to conclude that ICE needs to account for its treatment of immigrants and On the use of the term “illegal alien” at Eristic Ragemail.

Ever since George Orwell pointed out the pernicious nature of words being used as code, we have recognized that in political debate words are often freighted with much that is concealed. In the current climate, nativists insist, actually demand, that undocumented immigrants be referred to as “illegal aliens.” If you can classify a whole group of people with a pejorative –alien --and then group them as “illegal,” you have carried out a neat trick: you have stripped a whole group of people of their humanity.

Read The in-between Generation in a Nation of Immigrants at DMI Blog on generation 1.5 and their contributions which make the DREAM Act a necessity for the good of America.

At Just News read Advocates rally after raid, arrests.

More than 75 immigrant advocates gathered at Hopkins Plaza, in front of the Baltimore Offices of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, hoisting signs with slogans such as, "Don't divide our families," and "Painting Houses is not a Crime."

Congratulations to Man Eegee and Latino Politico! Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Latino Político at Latino Politico. This is a great post which speaks of the energy in yesterday's SanctuarySphere. Man Eegee notes that we must strengthen one another and remember that we share a responsibility to all of our brothers and sisters of this world. This is why we're here in this realm of thought, because we believe in the good of each other. Thanks to Man Eegee for 3 years of dedication and thanks to everyone else for their dedication as well.

Immigrant Ballot Power at Standing FIRM on our newest voters. Also check out the great series of articles at The New Bedford Times in Series Spotlight: The New Immigrants. In Op-Ed: Real Change Happens Off-Line we learn one person's belief that while the internet brings us together it is not in a "real" way. I do believe we have to be active in person as well as on-line, but they can certainly work well together. What do you think?

Supreme Court Won't Hear Kansas In-State Tuition Case at A Dream Deferred. While Kris Kobach tried to take his case to the Supreme Court that undocumented students should not receive in-state tuition they refused to listen. And Leaving the United States for Higher Education tells of one undocumented student who sought an education elsewhere because it was denied here.

Here's an article in the New York Post Kobach wrote as an adverstisement for E-Verify. It's quite disturbing.

First let me say congratulations to XP. Check out XP the Radical and Soon to be Uncle.

Harris County Grand Jury: Kill An Immigrant, Go Scot Free at Para Justicia y Libertad. Also check out the Texas Progressive Alliance Blog Round-Up: 06/30/2008.

Federal judge "compels" Department of Homeland Security to honor original agreement with Texas university at Latina Lista.

As the nation gets ready to celebrate the 4th of July this week, Texans along the U.S.-Mexico border are defending their property rights in the face of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) scooping up land to construct the mandated border wall.

Check out the post UMX: Stronger Than Aryan Pride where we read of Nezua's interaction with white pride while shooting water falls at The Unapologetic Mexican.

Today's youth-and all humans-are currently untapped reservoirs of power and heart. Someone like Obama comes along and speaks to that and you see what this nation could be if there were some truth and heart here, some lessons worth ingesting, some pride worth having.
The above quote from Nezua's article reminds me of a quote from Smart Borders from a while back:
Every 6-week marking period, students are required to internalize this spirit of volunteerism and community service. Because I feel most people are just waiting for an excuse to do good, it is easy for me to ask this of my students. And most of them have responded with impressive results.
There is definitely an energy waiting to be released by a powerful cause or call to action and it's important that we ensure that it's positive. It's quite apparent that the anti-migrant groups have tapped into this energy through using fear.