Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere: June 2008 Archives

At Para Justicia y Libertad check out some disturbing 'jokes' emailed within the Texas Sheriff's department in Sheriff’s Department’s Gator Cruelty and Literal Illegal Baiting.

At A Dream Deferred watch Protestors Blast ICE raids in East Houston.

At Immigration Talk With A Mexican American read Postville Update: Agriprocessors Free to Stir Up More Trouble in Postville!

Postville was left "absolutely shattered" after last month´s heavily armed worker raids. The workers received swift, cattle barn justice. The employers, however, were left free to continue their abuses, despite hiring a GOP crony-pal "compliance" officer.

Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups Place Ads in The New York Times at Hatewatch. FAIR is at it again working though a front group called "America's Leadership Team for Long Range Population-Immigration-Resource Planning." Their ads cater to American's dislike of traffic congestion.

Report From the Houston East End Raid Protest at Para Justicia y Libertad.

5 More Bodies This Week on deaths in the desert at Latino Politico.

Where is Congress’s Priority when it comes to Immigration? at A Dream Deferred.  It's with supermodels, of course!

Millionare abuses two Indonesian housekeepers at Damn Mexicans.  A tragic tail of those searching for a better life only finding terror.

Immigrants and Crime at No Borders and Binaries.  Studies are cited showing that immigrants are not more likely to commit crimes as many anti-migrant groups would like us to believe.

The Supreme Court on Alaska & Texas at Smart Borders.  Recent decisions will have negative implications on the future.

ICE responds to anti-family detention op-ed at T Don Hutto Blog.  Please check out this post and use the form to show you're opposition to detention centers.

Many citizens have taken their education for granted and others throw it away. The DREAM Act provides undocumented students, so eager to learn, with a powerful opportunity to seek higher education in college. I believe we all understand education is fundamental toward ensuring a better future.  To deny this opportunity is senseless. Support the DREAM Act! 

The Debate Over In-state Tuition for Undocumented Students - FAQs - Part 2 at A Dream Deferred.  Get facts through various court cases on this issue.

A First Look at Revoking Education Opportunities for NC Extralegals at Smart Borders.

Having taught English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students for the past two years on the Tex-Mex border town of Brownsville, the national trend toward limiting the futures and opportunities of immigrant students hurts me deeply.

51 Since October 1st at Latino Politico on the number of migrants who have died looking for a better life.

Will the Real John McCain Please Stand Up at Para Justicia y Libertad.

In an effort to win back lost Hispanic votes, Republican presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain held a closed door meeting with more than 100 Hispanic leaders in Chicago. However, things did not turn out as he hoped.

Watch Members Embarrassing the Minuteman group at Pro Inmigrant. This video tell us of the wife of a Minuteman who claimed she was shot and raped by Hispanics when the truth was she just shot herself. Also read Lou Dobbs Nightmare. Since When is Searching For A Better Life A Crime? While the U.S./Mexico border is constantly given attention there's a huge wide open border to the north. And we learn of more raids in New Instructions to ICE: Get FEMA. Find Every Mexican Available. Feds Make Immigration Raids In Rutherford County.

Oh Stop Saying Republicans Are Racist at Vivir Latino. Also read Bloggers of the World Unite Against AP. Apparently the AP is going after bloggers who link to their news stories.

The Minutemen see the removal of the National Guard from the border as "open season" for undocumented migrants. Therefore they're calling for more rogue bands of gun wielding extremists to join in the "pride" of protecting the border. Strangely I don't feel any safer.

Breaking News! Minutemen Vigilantes Declare "Operation Open Season!" and Promptly 3 Mexicans are Shot on the Mexican Side of the Border! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Does marriage determine level of assimilation? at DMI Blog.

Lots has been said about assimilation and whether or not today’s immigrants are assimilating. A recent report published by the Manhattan Institute offers an inadequate approach to analyze the assimilation of the U.S. immigrant population. To discuss this further, I recently wrote an op-ed that was published by El Diario last Thursday.

Abandoned two-year-old is the poster child for immigration debate at Latina Lista.

With so much trauma and stress happening to these undocumented families, children witness it and internalize it. There's not much for them to be happy about in their young childhoods. If the case of Martin is true, some will no doubt pat themselves on the back for an immigration enforcement policy that seems to be working.

Read Border Thinking - Laura Agustín at Immigratin Prof Blog. Also Commentary on the Boumediene Ruling and Local Police Involvement in the Postville Raids?

Local sources take issue with this characterization and are suggesting to me that the involvement was overstated, and that, in fact, police had little input and little prior knowledge of what was to take place that day.
With more on the Postville raids read From a teacher at Postville, IA On the Raids. June 19: Night of 1,000 Conversations - find the conversation near you and speak up for migrants.

Idaho Supreme Court: Residency not determined by Undocumented status at A Dream Deferred.

83% Blame Government for 'Illegal Immigration' not Immigrants at a Dream Deferred.

Bringing Integrity to our Immigration System -

The day after Senator Robert Menendez gave his speech on immigration, ICE arrested another 42 people in Rhode Island. As the ICE spokesman stated in the press release - they are committed to restoring integrity" -- does that mean they will start using warrants instead of breaking down doors?
In Ever think about Resistance? Dream Act Texas shows how France is honoring its heroes. Also read NY Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for Immigrant Artists and in Art as Resistance we have a conceptual artist who wears a banana suit to show how goods get preferential treatment over human beings while in Bicameral Helsinki Commission writes to Chertoff we have a group demanding to know why detainees are drugged while in ICE's custody.

Update: Camila Hornung and Family Deported? at A Dream Deferred. According to the article (with video) included in this post Camila was sent back to Peru yesterday after having been in the United States for 14 years. 

From Standing FIRM we have Lou Dobbs for Governor!. Check out this post and the website American Voice has created for him. There's a contest to come up with his slogan.

Watch Children Choosing Not What Game to Play But If to Go Into Foster Care at Vivir Latino.

An entire generation of children of immigrants, mostly Latino children, are being forced to make a decision if they should go to a country they no nothing of or enter a system that has proven itself a dangerous track for children, the foster care children.

Changing Our Tone at Immigration Equality.

The message we send about immigration needs to convey optimism and highlight these truths: Americans are not frustrated by immigration, and neither are they anti-immigrant. - I invite you to help turn the tone of the immigration conversation in a positive and optimistic direction by combating the myths about immigration in every forum.

Undocumented Students - Struggle Continues in Canada at A Dream Deferred.

While the United States is busy deporting undocumented immigrant students and the states in the deep South are retreating back into time by closing doors on students, our neighbors up North are also struggling with the issue.

At Smart Borders United States and Spain Square off on Amnesty.

Spanish legislation has taken this one step further by providing basic human rights and opportunities to all immigrants, whatever their legal status. Deportation doesn’t exist in Spain; instead, the emphasis is on integration.

ACTION: Historic Event in Maryland’s International Corridor at Standing FIRM. Watch the video Crimes Against Immigrants Go Unreported. Check out the great pro-migrant art in Art is Action - Pro-Migrant Poster Power!. And read Happy Loving Day!

The Perpetual War on Immigrant Students at No Borders and Binaries.

It seems that we have built quite an appetite for war at home and abroad. Our foreign policy mirrors our domestic one and vice-versa-Overseas, we are destroying families, communities, killing innocent children, deferring their dreams permanently through a 'war against terrorism' and at home we are killing the spirit and dreams of our undocumented immigrant youth by deporting them while destroying families and local economies in ICE raids.
I agree with this totally. Why would we believe a government (and those that support it) would have any regard for domestic lives when we give those in other countries none? We as the people have to demand that value be placed on all lives. Death and destruction in the name of "freedom" makes little sense to me. Similar to what's done in war, the nativists and anti's try desperately to turn people into things through dehumanization and vilification. It's our job to ensure they are seen as thinking feeling human beings. Everyone here keeps that dream alive as well as the DREAM that will ensure we have exceptional talent to move this country forward.

South Florida Teen Facing Deportation at A Dream Deferred.

Amidst the good news that Arthur Mkoyan's deportation was delayed by a private bill introduced by Senator Feinstein, another teen is facing the same dilemma.

Read about Jose Andrade in Boy Scout Facing Deportation Learns New Meaning of "Be Prepared" at Vivir Latino.

Boy Scouts are expected to be prepared, but no child should have to be prepared for what 13 year old scout Jose Andrade and his family faces. Jose Andrade faces being deported, alone.

Revisiting La Reconquista: A Nativist Creation at Para Justicia y Libertad.

A couple of years ago, I addressed the Reconquista myth because this myth was making it rounds among hard-core right-wing pundits. It seems the same conspiracy theory is once again making those rounds again.

Deportation Delayed for Arthur Mkoyan at A Dream Deferred.

Arthur Mkoyan and his family are no longer being deported thanks to Senator Feinstein who filed a private bill on their behalf. Yet, their immigration hurdles are far from over.

South Carolina joins the fight! at Damn Mexicans.

If you've ever played the game "Don't Break The Ice" you know the object of the game is to knock out blocks of "ice" from the board without causing a complete collapse. This is similar to the ICE raids where beautiful hard-working people are being arrested and detained. Each person removed leaves a hole and subtracts from our society and our humanity. As the raids continue we'll eventually all collapse - citizens and migrants alike.

Just News brings us Thin Ice.

I documented thirty-one cases from across the country of US citizens, eight born here, incarcerated as aliens for one month to five years. Fourteen were deported. Five remain in detention.
And in Immigrant kids–alone and detained we learn of children who must face the system alone.

No Border and Binaries brings us Under-reported Immigration News Brief - 1. Here we have a grouping of immigration news stories which, as the title states, are under-reported.

Workers on Hunger Strike Say They Were Misled on Visas at Just News. In their fourth week of protest Indian workers were duped into believing they were coming to the U.S. on permanent visas which would allow them to stay with their families. Sadly it was discovered that they were only here on temporary visas. They were lied to. Make sure and support their struggle.

Story, with video, at CAUSA - Indian Guest Workers Protest Poor Treatment Under H2B Visa Program.

Dream Act Texas also carried this story titled The 23rd Day.

I found a blog titled Carlosqc From Washington, DC which has a "take action" button leading to a form we can all send in support of these workers. The post is titled Slavery in the United States: Indian guest workers abused by oil companies.

Yesterday an article was written in the Charlotte Observer titled "The meanness has to stop." It was picked up by many here and the post over at Standing FIRM caught William Gheen's attention. If you'd like to read what he though of the article check it out here.

Because I Hate America? at The Sanctuary. How can anyone that struggles and gives up so much to migrate to the United States hate it?

Get out the immigrant vote! at Standing FIRM. Get some information on efforts to encourage voter registration and listen to Nicola Wells speak with Jose Gonzalez from the New Americans Democracy Project at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Also in Action Alert: Host a Conversation to hold DHS Accountable! we learn of an effort to host conversations around the country to counter DHS's terrible treatment of migrants. And we have Action Alert: Oregonians hold a Week of Action and Prayer.

The faith of a sea turtle at Smart Borders. Here is a person that exemplifies the selflessness necessary to truly help others. On top of that he's a great writer.

My job as a teacher often feels like Holden Caufield’s dream career of catching bodies coming through the rye, trying desperately to catch them before they run headlong over a cliff.

What part of human don’t you understand? at Standing FIRM.

Ironically, it is the anti-immigrant message that has inspired me to take my stand and start to create my own voice. In the past month, I have seen more hate, more venom and more blind rage directed at immigrants than I ever thought imaginable.
Also read Women Migrants in Detention in Mexico: Conditions and Due Process and 1000 Voices, A National Archive.  There are a number of great stories here.

Goggled and armed with the best cut and paste comments nativist irrational and unsympathetic thought can muster the ALIPAC internet fighter pilots barrel roll through blogs and articles leaving baseless comments along with the scent of glue. The only thing more explosive than ALIPAC's angry online warriors are the battles happening between the nativist camps. So when you venture out to defend migrants watch out for the "nation of laws" bombs and the "what part of illegal don't you understand" bunker busters. Get in your truth tanks and let's get moving!

At No Borders and Binaries read Anti-migrant blogosphere (ALIPAC) fueled by 80-year-olds financed by undocumented migrants!

Watch Detained Immigrants Coerced to Sign Away Their Rights at A Dream Deferred. Also read The InALIENable rights of Corporations.

Once again, the actions of a federal district judge give credence to the belief that businesses and corporations are the ruling class of this country and above the law.

Kyle already addressed some of the deficiencies in Antonio Olivo’s article in the Chicago Tribune yesterday about the migration blogosphere.  Even so, it is always nice to be noticed.  The article gives some much-needed exposure to the online manifestation of rising frustration in migrant communities, including Flor Crisostomo and our DREAMers. 

In the article, though, there was no hint that Olivo acknowledged any difference between the people trying to stay with their families and work in this country and the people trying to boot them all out.  The migrant rights movement is one of the great moral struggles of our time.  It implicates a host of issues about how people work and interact in a global community.  The NY Times has realized the import of the human rights issues involved and the destruction that is being visited on migrant families.  The Times has picked a side, the side of tolerance, compassion, and common sense.  I know there’s a difference between an opinion piece and straight reporting.  But by covering the story in a “he said/she said” format that the press often reverts to when dealing with controversial political issues, Olivo left the underlying issues almost entirely unanalyzed. 

At DMI Blog - Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly: Fueling America with Lies.

While talking to some high school ESL teachers about immigration issues in Ulster County, New York, one of them said to me “If I was to believe what the media says about immigration and undocumented immigrants, I would believe that the majority are criminals and would be afraid of having immigrants in my neighborhood.

The New York Times: “The Great Panic,” Excellent Editorial on the Current State of the Immigration Debate at Eristic Ragemail.

NYT on The Great Immigration Panic at Migra Matters and ICE: Keeping America safe from High School valedictorians.

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch Speaks in Support of DREAM at a Dream Deferred. Also watch Video: Undocumented Students at UC Davis.

Dream Act Texas: In Confused ...? we learn of another candidate whose focus is on immigration - not in a good way. In Panicking for what? Dream Act Texas takes a look at the Republican tactic of stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment to keep Republicans in office. We all know it hasn't been working, but that hasn't stopped them from trying. Also Creating lawbreakers so ICE can arrest them addresses the increased arrests and detention of undocumented migrants. Given the fact that real criminals go untouched as hard working people are arrested it's not hard to see this is an effort to keep the law employed. It's also good business for the every growing privatized jail system. (For some good information about this trend read Prison Profiteers: Who Makes Money From Mass Incarceration.)