Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere: March 2008 Archives

Please visit the newly launched site A Dream Deferred.

Why is the SAVE Act not making news? This subject is covered by Dream Act Texas.An open letter to the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times

It is reprehensible that you, as the most important newspaper media outlets in the country have not been informing the American people about the S.A.V.E. ACT (HB 4088) - that is currently being discussed in Congress.

Read about the anti-migrant legislation being introduced in California in California on an Anti-Immigrant Bill Roll at The Latin Americanist.

Watch and read about Border Stories at Smart Borders.

Clara and Sophia from the new group Border Stories are doing important work for la frontera. They are humanizing this entire border region one video clip, one interview, one face at a time. Their work could not have come at a better time.

Damn Mexicans give us the Scumbag of the Week - "Buffalo" Rick Galeener.

Taylor ISD May House Hutto Detainees at T Don Hutto blog.

Got word of this story from Jose Orta who is encouraging everyone to contact Dr. Bruce Scott, Superintendent of Taylor ISD, with a polite email to let him know that entering into a Memorandum of Understanding to house Hutto detainees for free is a bad idea.

Read Minuteman volunteers having annual 'spring watch' and In Texas, slur carries baggage of history at Just News.

Focusing on the SAVE Act please visit Dream Act Texas for a Four Part Series on this terrible bill. Saving the U.S. from the S.A.V.E. Act - part I / Part II / Part III / Part IV.

Here's a post on the SAVE Act from Eristic Ragemail as well titled SAVE: A War of Attrition Against the Immigrant Community and its Advocates

Oklahoma Anti immigration bill will cost state 1.8 Billion in revenue (You have to see the image in this post - read it too, of course) and The undesirables in U.S. God bless America.

Economic Impact of Oklahoma´s Restrictionist Immigration Law HB1804 = $1.8 Billion at Immigration Talk With a Mexican America.

SHORTY GUZMAN DEAD? at Border Reporter.

Dream Act Texas has Virginia's Dreamy Robot and Family torn by immigration laws.

Also at Dream Act Texas:

The anti-migrant sentiment seems to be catching on as we see examples of this same activity in the post Over 600 illegal migrants nabbed in northern Africa - in 2008.

Is Vogue Racist For Choosing This LeBron James /Gisele Bundchen Cover? at Vivir Latino.

The Unapologetic Mexican gives us some wonderful posts. In Your Papers, Fraulein we have the first successful use of the Rapid Response Network.

We have also learned that in some cases ICE agents are hanging out on corners and challenging people to show their papers on the street. In cases like this, the Rapid Response teams would be very useful and we need to start setting them up in the most affected communities.
Also watch the video Vigil (to End the War) - [MTV Vid 3-25-08].

Here's a link to the Citizen Orange post that gives information about the May 1st Coalition's Rapid Reponse Network. This post was given to us by yave.

Latino Politico writes "Wetback" Making A Comeback.

There are some words that have rightly been banished out of the lexicon of everyday conversation. They are loaded with hate, xenophobia and ignorance. Those who choose to use them are quite aware of their volatility, but have seen an opening lately to allow their bigoted views to be trotted out.

Another great post from Eristic Ragemail on the SAVE Act in SAVE: A War of Attrition Against the Immigrant Community and its Advocates

The Act is the product of the same Nativist mindset which gave us the 2005 Real ID Act. From almost every perspective, the 2005 Real ID Act is tremendous breach on what we have come to call civil liberties.

In Another Wonkette Post.... Damn Mexicans gives us a link to comments by Dobbs on Richardson's endorsement of Obama along with a Fox News beard report. I may be missing something, but I don't see how a full beard equals a "Hispanic" look.

Harry Houdini was a migrant adopted by America and celebrated for his ability to escape various situations as well as his ability to make an elephant disappear.  Though not all migrants will come to know the fame of Houdini they, just like him, want to be citizens of this great nation. Sadly because of the onslaught of anti-migrant sentiment and laws they have come to know the terror of living in the shadows instead. 

ICE's military style raids of homes and businesses have many people searching for their loved ones and coming up empty handed.  Please read the Dream Act Texas post for resources to help find loved ones and feel free to provide others you may know of. 

U.S. Immigration Director Whines on His Blog and Story Time! - Office Lunch at Damn Mexicans. It's one thing to feel the punch to the gut when someone you deal with daily turns out to be a nativist - it's another when you're one of "those people" they're ranting about.

At Pro Inmigrant - Youths attack two Latino men with rocks, racist words.

Breakthrough released the ICE game recently while ICE themselves have been playing another game for quite sometime in ICE's game: make the immigrant disappear the agency plays Houdini with migrant's family members turning ordinary people into gumshoes searching for their relatives. Please see this post for resources to help find relatives arrested by ICE. - Dream Act Texas

Federal Immigrant Detention Policy Needlessly Tears Apart Families at Latina Lista.

This month, three months after she was first arrested, Margarita will finally be released from the detention center but won't be seeing her children. Instead, she'll be loaded on a transport and taken back to Mexico.

In It doesn't just happen to Latinos Dream Act Texas tells us of the Haitian migrant, Edwidge Danticat's story, which she wrote about in her book "Brother, I'm Dying."

Chronicle of Higher Education Article - Why Congress Should Revive the DREAM ACT at I am a DREAMer.

"They Wanted to Take My Baby": Interviews with Immigrant Detainees at the National Immigrant Justice Center. - This is a video which you should definitely watch.

Many here know Arpaio is an anti-migrant hero.  He is celebrated for his ridiculous treatment of criminals and 'crackdown' on migrants in his Arizona community.  Though I'm not sure what positive effect Joe's criminal treatment provides I believe I have to agree with this quote from an Irish judge that Joe "appears to take a chillingly sadistic pleasure in his role as incarcerator."  It's quite obvious that Joe cares not for people in general or he wouldn't have staged a raid on Good Friday.  What harm is a migrant worker doing that he couldn't wait until after the Holy weekend?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio knows how to celebrate the Holy weekend and Jesus' sacrifice in Sheriff Joe Arpaio uses Easter weekend to round up brown people in Phoenix at Multiplicative Identity

Sheriff Joe Crucifies Human Rights on Good Friday at Latino Politico.

I failed to add this to yesterday's sphere so I wanted to give it attention today. From I am a DREAMer read Militarization of migration control - Scapegoating, Xenophobia and Profit-Making. There is more on this in Dream Act Texas's posts.

Many anti-migrants claim they are for "legal" immigration which stuns me as they often cite FAIR and Numbers USA in their arguments. For any of you that have spent time reading through anti-migrant message boards you know the nasty things written there.

Border Reporter gives us some terrible words used to describe migrants in A HOLDING PEN FOR WETBACKS

A crotchety, 75-year-old general manager of an Austin, Texas, water supply company is facing calls for his resignation after he referred to a proposed detention facility south of the city as a “holding pen for wetbacks” in a public notice, the Austin American-Statesman reports this morning.

On this Good Friday let us think of a person who gave his life for the good of others.  So many in this sanctuarysphere (and some yet to be discovered) exhibit that same spirit by working every day to help migrants and you should all be thanked for that.  Though religions may vary here they all preach common decency and courtesy.  We cannot let our spirits wane because of those that feel hatred and incivility are an acceptable way of life. We will continue to support one another until we have achieved our goals - freedom and justice for ALL.

Yesterday's post included Fash's plan to branch out internationally and find pro-migrant blogs in other country. Please visit Open Borders Lobby to see the many blogs she's found and help her find more.

Please take a moment to watch some wonderful pro-migrant videos at Movement Vision Lab and vote for the one you like best.

I'm going to save the laughs for the next section because you're going to need them after reading this. In An Agent, a Green Card, and a Demand for Sex we read about an immigration official who used his authority to demand sexual favors from a hoping applicant. Fortunately she recorded the incident and gave the tape to the New York Times. At Mexico Trucker.

We know that everybody poops (even nativists), but not everyone poops in a Homeland Security building (although a bet there's a lot of poop in the air) Bush is calling this new wave of terror the "Bowel Movement" and will probably try to link it to Iran in Pooping Bandit Strikes Homeland Security Building! 

Blogging for change; blogeando por cambio; bloguant pour changment at Open Borders Lobby.

Here's a new site to the sphere Orcinus with the post Spiting our faces

Among the folks have been (shall we say) particularly amused by Americans' current fetish about keeping out "illegal aliens" are Native Americans -- who of course have a somewhat unique perspective on the issue, having themselves long endured an "invasion" of "outsiders" and the subsequent "cultural change" that followed.

We are NOT talking Nonsense in Bars at Irish Voices.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we are not giving up on the undocumented Irish in the US. We will continue to battle on their behalf. We will not give up until this battle is over.

ANTIs and PROs find Common Ground! at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American

Smart Borders - La Frontera or My Students as Teachers.

The main reason I am against any sort of border wall is because my students deserve better than a border wall. Because they have taught me the plight of the immigrant in this country, I will campaign with the rest of my life for real immigration reform rather than symbols of evil like a border wall.

Nativist Republican Candidate Jim Oberweis’ Loses in Safe Republican Seat at Eristic Ragemail explores the further loses in the nativist camps.

Hot Topics on His Panic Blogs. - Working together for a common cause: American Dream at Pro Inmigrant.

More positive evidence - Immigrant neighborhoods have less crime! at Latino Politics Blog.

Watch the informative video The Schuler- Tancredo Bill and read English Only on School Buses at Damn Mexicans blog.  We're also reminded to contact our representatives to stop the SAVE Act.

Obama's Speech on Race Underscores Generational Division of Voters at Latina Lista.

Today was a historical day in Barack Obama's run for the Democratic presidential nomination and for the country as a whole. For the first time, a presidential candidate delivered a speech on the racial divide of this country from a PERSONAL perspective. Not as someone who watches it from the sidelines but who has lived it.