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America's Voice has another great video mocking the CIS report which suggests migrants are to blame for global warming.  

Originally posted at The Sanctuary.

Surprise. Surprise. 

Mark Krikorian found Obama's answers to our questionnaire on The Sanctuary.

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Same-Sex Couples [Mark Krikorian]

Obama's answers to a questionnaire on immigration from a hard-left group are mostly unremarkable -- he backs the procedure supporters call "comprehensive immigration reform," does not necessarily oppose raids and detention of illegals so long as they're done humanely, etc. (h/t Jennifer McFadyen) But one thing that I suppose I should have known but didn't is that he supports the "Uniting American Families Act," which would extend spousal immigration rights to same-sex couples. So now McCain has two extreme Obama positions on immigration to attack: driver's licenses for illegals and immigration for gay couples. Will McCain ever use them to criticize Obama? No -- he'll just keep criticizing Obama for being too weak in support of amnesty.
Mark Krikorian - The Corner (23 September 2008)
For a little history on Mark Krikorian, he came to Boston University some time ago with Lou Barletta where he was beaten badly in a debate about U.S. migration policy. 
I've been following the happenings in Prince William County for sometime now through the work of the documentary film-makers Annabel Park and Eric Byler at 9500Liberty and through the pro-migrant blog Anti-BVBL, run by Alanna Almeda. 

Anyone that's interested in pro-migrant blogging or in new media should be following the goings on in Prince William County, where new media has intensified the debate about U.S. migration policy at the local level. 

For a some time it seemed as if the nativist movement, lead by Greg Letiecq through his blog Black Velvet Bruce Li, and his extremist Help Save Manassas, had the upper hand.  But there's has been backlash.  The good and decent people of Prince William County are standing up to Letiecq's hate.  

I've come to expect figures like William Gheen of ALIPAC to completely strip an entire subset of people from their humanity with their words.  It becomes grating to my ears when an elected official does so.  Even more so when they dehumanize the very people they were elected to represent. 

Watch the video above to see Republican incumbent Virgil Goode (VA-5th District) debate Democrat challenger Tom Perriello on the "anchor baby situation".  I've transcribed much of the video below.

There is so much wrong with what Goode says, but I'm going to try and cut to the heart of it.  

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