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Cuban-born Cucu Diamantes welcomed our new President with her delicious Latin rhythms and joyful, athletic dancing, and now the Yerba Buena frontwoman is releasing her first solo album, Cuculand, in early March. 

Seu Jorge: Tive Razão

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You might recognize Brazilian singer/songwriter Seu Jorge from his acting roles in Life Aquatic or City of God.

But he has created a name for himself through his soothing, sometimes funky samba.

I can make out just enough of the lyrics in his song Eu Sou Favela to know this music has a message, but perhaps any Portuguese-speaking readers can let us know what he is saying here.

A favela, nunca foi reduto de marginal A favela, nunca foi reduto de marginal

Ela só tem gente humilde Marginalizada e essa verdade não sai no jornal

A favela é, um problema social
A favela é, um problema social

Sim mas eu sou favela
Posso falar de cadeira
Minha gente é trabalhadeira
Nunca teve assistência social
Ela só vive lá
Porque para o pobre, não tem outro jeito
Apenas só tem o direito
A salário de fome e uma vida normal.

A favela é, um problema social
A favela é, um problema social

In support of the migrants who were chained together and marched through Phoenix by America's most out-of-control sheriff, hip-hop artists from Chicago, Detroit, and New York are coming together with local artists to perform on Tuesday, February 10 at the Stray Cat 2433 E. University Drive, Tempe, AZ at 8pm.

Performers will include One Be Lo, Wordsworth, Verbal Kent, G-Owens, Fiyah Station, Nobuddie, and Bliss!

Come out and lift your voices with these artists as they call for an end to the racially-motivated attacks being carried out by Sheriff Arpaio against residents of Maricopa County. Show the world that his latest spectacle of public humiliation against latinos will not be tolerated in our country, where all people are to be treated as equals. We will not stand silent while this fascist little man treats people like animals, with our federal government's blessing!
"Parading shackled detainees for public viewing is disgusting. The dire situation in Arizona is a shameful insult to the democratic freedoms of this country, and should draw cries of outrage from anyone who values the sacrifices our nation has made in the face of oppression." -Verbal Kent; Gravel Records Recording Artist
For more information, contact Jill Garvey (, Center for New Community 312-266-0319 or 773-787-6353 (mobile).

This week's Music on Monday is a movie. It's called Waltz with Bashir, and I haven't seen anything quite like it before.

The film represents director Ari Folman's efforts to deal with his memories of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon. He was a teenage soldier in the war. Folman told the International Herald Tribune last year:

The film talks about lost memory and how you may have a different memory from what actually happened. It asks the question I had to ask myself: where does memory hide? And I hope that audiences will start wondering about themselves. Hopefully, when you've seen it, you think about yourself - not about the guy in the film.

My goal here is not to review the movie. Watch it in the theater if you can. It's amazing.

(Watching the movie also resulted in Public Image Ltd.'s "This is Not a Love Song" being stuck in my head in a continuous loop for the last two days. See if the same thing happens to you.)

As powerful as the film was, I left the theater feeling unsatisfied. I knew I had to blog about it. [Spoilers below.]

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