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When I hear this song, I think of Guatemala, and I think of Mexico. I think of the fathers of the migrants I know, who depend on their sons to send home money to sustain the family. I think of the fathers who have lost their pride by their inability to provide for their families, and who become desperate in their need. I think of the men who give in to that desperation and leave their families, and I think of the men who stay and continue to fight.

Yerba Buena is a New York based Latin collective that has produced some very danceable music.

I first heard them coming over the speakers in a cafe in Fort Green, Brooklyn, and asked the waitress who it was. Later that day, I got both albums on eMusic.

The band's sound is hard to pin down, and it's magnetic. From Wikipedia:

Yerba Buena's music (as described by Razor and Tie, the band's record label) is a blend of African-rooted Latin music (Cuban Rumba, Colombian cumbia, Pan-Caribbean Soca, and Nuyorican Boogaloo) with hip-hop, Motown soul, Nigerian Afrobeat with a dash of Middle Eastern themes.
tigres.jpg Tres Veces Mojado - Los Tigres Del Norte

Oftentimes in debates and discussions of illegal immigration, all indocumentados get lumped into one category: Mexicans.  When it comes to migration from south of our border, however, Mexicans make up only a part.  There are many who come from farther away, who have to cross not one, but many borders to make it here.  Those from countries further south - Guatemala, Hondurans, El Salvador, and beyond - face unspeakable hardship in crossing Mexico.  Most are robbed, beaten, raped, arrested, and some are maimed trying to ride the train.   

In celebration of tomorrow's election day, la música del día is from the Voto Latino Benefit Album. If you haven't already done so, download it for only $3.99 and support their efforts to empower the fastest growing voting demographic in our country. Then tomorrow, dance your way to your polling station and vote! If you're not sure where to go to vote, Voto Latino also has a handy interactive map to help you find your way.

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