Migrant Youth: November 2007 Archives

Samantha Contreras was recently selected as a scholar for the Drum Major Institute (DMI).  A representative of DMI asked if Ms. Contreras could write a blog post for Citizen Orange and I happily obliged.  Following are the words of future leader Samantha Contreras. 

I began my activism and passion to serve the public when I came close to the end of my educational opportunities and my dreams due to the lack of access for students who do not hold legal status in the country. To millions of people the word “immigrant” is one that is synonymous to “aliens” and “criminals.” To me, immigration is an issue of family, opportunity, and hope. In one word, the issue of immigration is me. Personally living the attacks on the immigrant community has forever impacted my life and I am wholeheartedly committed to altering the perception of immigrants as well as transforming the status of all underprivileged communities across this nation through progressive policy revamping.