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I thought I'd post another video today to watch over the weekend.  It's from our friends over at the T. Don Hutto Blog, and it really brings to light the horror of this family detention center.  I wrote about this facility some time ago.  Remember, this facility is located in a privileged nation.

I was excited to find out over the weekend that David Neiwart, through his own blog and a cross-post on Firedoglake linked to me and others in the pro-migrant blogosphere in the last post of his three-part series on immigration:

The blogosphere can have a role in this change as well. There is a wealth of blogs out there dealing with immigration and Latino issues on a regular basis, and many of them feature not just important perspectives that need to be part of the conversation, but compelling and powerful writing as well. A sampling: Migra Matters, Latina Lista, Matt Ortega,Immigration Prof Blog, The Silence of our Friends, Citizen Orange, The Unapologetic Mexican ... well, the list is long, and this one is certainly incomplete. But you get the idea.

I encourage you to use my blogroll on the right to complete that list, but now that he's finished his series I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to insert my own commentary, and hopefully build or hone on what was a massive and ambitious undertaking for Neiwart.
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I'm back this Monday with another pro-migrant round-up:

Lou Dobbs DOWNes

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The ImmigrationProf Blog has a link to what I think is one of the most reasonable take downs of Lou Dobbs, yet.  It's written by the editorial observer at the New York Times Lawrence Downes.
Winter Rabbit over at Culture Kitchen just wrote an important post on Native American stereotypes in athletic contests.  Most relevant to this blog is the fact that these stereotypes are especially prevalent in Oklahoma.  I'll transcribe from the video Winter Rabbit embedded to explain:

Bring Law in Line With Truth

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The Unapologetic Mexican pulled out all the stops in a post about Flor Crisostomo, the latest migrant to seek sanctuary in the now infamous Chicago church, the Adalberto United Methodist Church.  I can't survive without my daily, Nez Says, but this post is a must read.  My favorite part is how he ends it:

Law, in and of itself, is not Just. Law, all by itself, is not truth. Current law only represents humans' intentions to manifest a just truth at a certain point in the past. And this same law often needs humans, later, to correct it and bring it in line with truth, and what is just in the present moment.

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