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Homeland Gitmos

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Breakthrough continues to produce excellent media to get the word out about the horrific conditions migrants are living in in the U.S. today.  Check out their new website, Homeland Guantanamos, for a vivid portrayal of migrant detention in the U.S. today.
It seems I'm always one of the last to act on these happenings.  The truth is I hate reading about them, so I always put it off.  I knew another person had died in detention, but I didn't want to learn the details. 

I didn't want to get to know another person who's only sin was the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness, and have them die before my eyes.  I finally did it, but I honestly don't want to write about it.  Instead I'll point you to the people that already have.

The Unapologetic Mexican
American Humanity
Vivir Latino
Latino Politico
Problem Chylde

Read these and more to learn of another tragedy, another disgrace to the human condition.  Most importantly though, sign this petition to ask for answers.  Go to anaromero.org for more information.

The Sanctuary has already endorsed the petition.

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