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Good news.  Following my post on ethanol subsidies, the Senate voted to end them by a vote of 73-27. Most surprising to me is the anti-migrant vote that Senators Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Al Franken (D-MN) took on this one. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, whom I mentioned in my post, thankfully took the right stance on this one. It's difficult to say whether or not ethanol subsidies will actually end, but I'll be watching closely and I encourage you to, as well.

The media has also been doing a little bit of of a better job covering how this affects rising food prices. Megan Woolhouse at the Boston Globe has a decent article on how ethanol subsidies affect the cost of ice cream. It almost seems like a joke, though, that people are talking about ice cream prices then about how this is starving the majority world. Such is the systemic violence of the world we live in.
NOTE: If you signed the Drop The I-Word Pledge, yet, please do so.

UPDATE: I just started a twitter petition asking @ezraklein to drop the I-word.

I'm happy to report that progressive-leaning journalists continue to move away from using the word "illegal" to in-effect dehumanize people.   I reported here on Citizen Orange that Adam Serwer of the American Prospect dropped the I-Word after previously using it.

Now, it looks as if Tim Murphy of the liberal magazine Mother Jones is moving in the same direction.  Just over a month ago, when describing the Alabama immigration law, Murphy used the phrase "illegal immigrants."  It's always been grating for me when Murphy uses that phrase because he does some otherwise pretty admirable reporting on a subject that too few people take interest in.  As readers of Citizen Orange will know, thanks to my co-blogger and talented immigration lawyer Dave Bennion, the phrase is not only dehumanizing, it's innaccurate and effectively waves away the due process that all migrants are entitled to.