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Herta has produced another stellar media performance in the face of adversity over on the local FOX channel.  Amy Lange and the news anchors did an excellent job of covering Herta's story and their link to is much appreciated.  The link to their story on Herta is here and I will embed the video below:

Channel 7 Action News has a good report on Herta's story.  There was some good media coverage of Herta's story, yesterday, and I can only hope that it's enough to swing things in our favor this last day.

I want to thank Eric Baerren and Richard Hellinga of Michigan Liberal for front paging my post on Herta Llusho.  It seems to have shamed traditional media into giving a little bit of coverage to Herta's case.  Detroit Public Radio,the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News have now covered Herta's story. 

I've got to say though, that the best coverage of Herta's story comes from Hoa Quach of Global Voices.  Quach seems to have grasped the nuances of this story better than most.  It's probably because she has covered the work of before.

I am continuously updating media outlets that have covered Herta's story here.

Following is a list of blogs media outlets that have covered Herta's story since it was first published by on August 11, 2009.
If you have not heard of Herta Llusho, yet, she has published her story in blogs far and wide.  I also recommend you read my post on why Herta's story is so important.  More importantly, though, please take the following actions in support of Herta.

It appears social media has beat out old media, yet again.  Since Herta Llusho's story was first published by on August 11, 2009, over 2,000 people have both signed a petition and joined a facebook group in support of her.  19 different blogs, both large and small, have covered her case.  I encourage politicians from Michigan to check out that list of blogs because many of their constituents are leaving comments on them. 

Despite all of this social media activity, not a single traditional media outlet has reported on Herta's case.  Fortunately, politicians don't wait on old media anymore.  They listen to their constituents voices, amplified by social media.  That is why I am excited to report, with the heroic assistance of Josh Bernstein from SEIU, that U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) has written a letter in support of Herta Llusho.

Lou Dobbs has been an especially deep thorn in migrant advocates' sides for a long time.  Almost every weekday at 7 p.m. ET, Dobbs uses his perch on the "most trusted name in news" to blame a marginalized unauthorized migrant population for almost every one of the U.S.'s problems.  Scapegoating unauthorized migrants is a common trend on FOX News, right-wing talk radio, and among conservative bloggers, but there's something especially scathing about hearing it from the "most trusted name in news."