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I'm happy to report that Crooks & Liars just published the following post. I'm back to blog blazin' if you can't already tell, and trying to get my writing out there any and everyway that I can. Maybe someday I'll be able to make a living off of it :)

I was honored to first have the opportunity to write for Crooks & Liars shortly before the first DREAM Act vote, last year, mostly because it's one of the first blogs I started reading.

Since I couldn't watch most U.S. news in Guatemala, or I didn't have a TV when I first moved up to the U.S., I used to go to C&L to get my daily dose when the internet and my computer was slow enough that I had to download the .wmv files in order to watch them. I still have a lot of those files archived actually.

In honor of that history I'll probably continue to post there first with the sort of content that I used to love to consume. I'll cross-post at Citizen Orange afterwards, of course. Enjoy the post!

If Obama wants any chance of a pro-migrant voter advantage going into 2012, he better start taking lessons from folks like Mass. State Rep. Michael Moran (D-Brighton).

As if to illustrate just how sickening nativists can be Moran was flooded with hate mail after he was rear ended by 27-year-old unauthorized migrant Isaias Naranjo. The responsibility for the focusing this hate on Moran lies primarily with the nativist denizens of the Boston Herald opinion page, like Michael Graham and Joe Battenfeld, who singled Moran out for his courageous pro-migrant stances. Car crashes, huzzah!

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