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Update: I missed this excellent NYTimes editorial on the McCain ad from yesterday, more below. (end update)

Both the Washington Post and the NYTimes picked up the story of McCain's Spanish-language ad directed to key Western swing states with large Latin@ populations in which the McCain campaign accuses Obama of sabotaging comprehensive immigration reform.  While both articles introduced useful information about the story, the Post's discussion was ultimately more informative. 

Be sure to read Nezua's latest post on Hispanic Heritage Month.  It sent chills down my spine.  No on can touch the spice in Nezua's writing.  Here's a taste:

Soy Indio y Euro, soy mestizo, soy Latino.  I am the conqueror and the conquered, I am the field and the worker and the hungry consumer; I am all these things, but my heritage is and will always be la lucha. And that is why I am here many days. For mi gente are still in the fields.
Nezua - The Unapologetic Mexican (15 September 2008)

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