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May 1st 2009: Austin TX

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"Obama escucha. Estamos en la lucha."

I marched on May 1st and didn't catch swine flu.

As the swine flu scare gives nativists a new "close the border" drum to bang on us more sensible people got together and rallied for human rights. Here in Austin we gathered at the state capital building. After a short presentation we marched down Congress Ave. and back up to City Hall. Many held signs that said "pass the DREAM Act" and a group of students dressed up in their grad gowns chanting "What do we want? The DREAM Act. When do we want it? Now!"

Other signs asked to stop the raids and to shut down T Don Hutto.  At one point in the rally I was handed a hand-made sign that read "If any are illegal we all are."