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The Soul of Guatemala

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Nic Askew has been taking Guatemala by storm with his in attempt to "capture the soul of Guatemala" as he puts it. According to his introduction, he was offered the chance to capture the soul of Guatemalan presidential candidate, Alejandro Giammattei, and he extended his assignment to the whole country. The reason I bring this up, is to show you this gem of a video.

I'll follow this with analysis of the video, and Nic Askew's whole trip, but if you don't have time for it, just watch the video.  It's worth it.  I think this video of Feliciano Pop is priceless.  Not so much because of the way Nic Askew framed it, but just because the privileged online world needs to see more of people like Pop.
Nezua will probably be helping me with a few more things, but Citizen Orange is up and operational and I'm going to be extremely happy to move operations here on Monday.  I've been doing so much administrative work lately that it will be nice to get back to blogging on the weekdays.

Immigration Orange will still be up and I will put up a post every now and then over there, but I'll link to them here and everyone should migrate over to this platform if they want to keep up with my writing.  Nezua has helped me set up links to all of the blogging features that I could have ever dreamed of, an RSS Feed, a Podcast, a Technorati Favorite Button, a Contact Form, and a Donate Page, each with beautiful custom-made designs.  I also have complete control over my blogroll, and it's been difficult for me to remember everybody, so if I missed you don't hesitate to let me know.

The real reason I wanted to write this post, was to thank The Unapologetic Mexican.  If you want one of the best looking blogs on the web, please contact him, and click to read more about why this blog kicks so much ass.

(Picture from CNN)

My sister was the first to email me with this CNN story, but since then I have been emailed by several people that are completely enraged by the story of Pedro Zapeta. Janna sent me one of the most heartfelt messages. Her latest post on Zapeta is titled "I no longer feel good about this country". Latina Lista sums up the situation very well in this post. Even my friend at Chromed Curses has come out against this one.

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