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Harvard freshman Jacob D. Roberts '13 has easily written one of the most well-informed and balanced accounts, yet, of the cancellation of Jim Gilchrist's invitation to Harvard.  Here is where Roberts quotes me:

The movement to ban Gilchrist from the conference was largely initiated by Kyle A. de Beausset '11, who in early October began using different university mailing lists to build support for uninviting Gilchrist due to his involvement in the Minuteman Project, which organizes civilians to patrol the border for illegal immigrants and to report crossings to the Border Patrol.

"It might be an interesting intellectual exercise for Harvard students to hear extremist views," de Beausset wrote in one of these e-mails, but he added that the "broader implications of legitimizing these extremist views with the Harvard name" were more important.
After my appearance on the O'Reilly Factor on Friday night, I was flooded with facebook messages like this:

I hope you are a victim of the next 911 you piece of shit
Keith Glassman - Facebook Message (16 October 2009)

These were the reactions who found me through facebook by googling my name after the O'Reilly Factor.  The only way I know how to interpet Keith Glassman's facebook message, is that he wishes me to have the same fate as 9-year-old Brisenia Flores and her father.  Thankfully, I don't allow non-friends to have access to my profile.  Admittedly, not all of the reactions were as hostile.  Some conservatives even said they were impressed and asked to be friends.  One of my favorite negative reactions was that of someone who spoke like she was my mother:
Thanks to Jackie Mahendra at America's Voice for recording this video and sending this over to me.

Again, not the best performance. I wasn't able to make the most important point. I learned my lesson. Lead off with your most important talking point. Still my face when they cut me off is priceless. It cracks me up every time.
The producer told me I was going to get five minutes and they gave me just under two.  I had three points I wanted to make.  I was able to make two of them when Juan Williams cut me off.  If you want to see something funny, check out the sad puppy face I make when Juan Williams cuts me off.  I wrote out the final point I was trying to make in my earlier post:

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the reason it would have been irresponsible for HULC to invite Jim Gilchrist is because of the violence he encourages and enables with his speech.  There are countless examples of this.  Jim Gilchrist advocated violence in his statement about being disinvited at Harvard:

It is obvious why our Founding Fathers placed the Second Amendment directly after the First Amendment.  When free speech is no longer an irrevocable right, well, that's what the Second Amendment is preserve the First Amendment...for everyone on U.S. territory.
Jim Gilchrist - Minuteman Project (16 October 2009)
In a statement about being uninvited from Harvard I can only interpret this as a threat to bring guns to Harvard to "defend" his right to speak.  This would be fine if this was all talk and no action, but the case of Shawna Forde has shown us that there can be deadly consequences to this sort of speech. 

Forde, the head of Minuteman American Defense, is being tried for shooting and killing a 9-year-old girl Brisenia Flores, and her father, in an apparent attempt to finance her nativist activism.  The only way to truly understand the consequences of hateful speech like Gilchrist's is to hear the audio of Brisenia Flores' mother when she dialed 911 to report that her husband and her daughter were shot and killed. (WARNING: Listening to this audio might be traumatic for those who have suffered violence.  I have only listened to it once and that was enough.)  Jim Gilchrist is a close associate of Shawna Forde's and has defended her in the past.
I was invited on the O'Reilly Factor after my comments in the Boston Globe about canceling Jim Gilchrist's invitation to Harvard.  I won't be talking to Bill O'Reilly tonight, but with Juan Williams who is taking his place tonight.

If you're coming onto Citizen Orange after seeing me on television, I recommend checking out another blog I am the co-founder of, The Sanctuary.
I apologize to those of you who were trying to access Citizen Orange last night or this morning.  We were shut down down because our mt-search.cgi script was "causing a heavy load on the server."  I think it's because spam bots were constantly using the search form

The only way I was able to get Citizen Orange back online was by disabling the search form.  I'll have to leave it like that until I can figure something else out.
I continue to put a considerable amount of effort into updating Citizen Orange's pro-migrant blogroll, because I believe it is important that we all stay connected.  In an effort update and trim down the pro-migrant blogroll, it has only grown, showing just how strong the pro-migrant sanctuarysphere has become. 

The list of almost 130 pro-migrant blogs I've come up with are not a random assortment of obscure blogs.  I'm actively in touch with an author at each of these blogs, they have all been updated in the past year, and they meet a stringent set of requirements.  Please continue to contact me if I'm missing any.  I missed quite a few obvious ones in the beginning.

I will paste the updated list, again, below, and give it a rest for a time.

Restore Fairness: bring back due process to the immigration system from Breakthrough on Vimeo.

With news that the Obama administration is planning on reforming migrant detention in the U.S. this is a good time to announce that Citizen Orange has endorsed Breakthrough's Restore Fairness campaign.

The Restore Fairness campaign is calling on the U.S. government to restore due process and fairness to our immigration system.
Restore Fairness Website (7 October 2009)
I have mixed feelings about the Obama administration's proposed detention reforms.  So far, I prefer the analysis of the National Immigration Law Center, as reported by Kevin Johnson of the ImmigrationProf Blog:

Flicker of Change, but no Legal Torch to Light The Way: DHS Report Outlines Problems with Immigrant Detention System, but Lacks Enforcement Mechanisms for Proposed Solution

The National Immigration Law Center has issued a press release claiming that the 35-page report on immigrant detention conditions released today by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) (pdf) is a critical first step by the Obama administration in acknowledging the myriad problems with the way the United States treats the nearly 400,000 men and women in its immigrant detention system. The NILC welcomes the report's finding that the framework for the current system, which is premised on a criminal justice framework, must be rejected.

However, although the report recognizes that 89 percent of detainees are nonviolent, it fails to call for any serious attempt to reduce the size of the immigrant detainee population. In addition, although the report calls for the creation of a new set of detention standards geared towards an exclusively civil detainee population, the administration has not indicated that it will make these new standards for detention centers legally enforceable.