Citizen Orange: March 2009 Archives

It appears our online efforts for the DREAM Act are starting to have an impact.  Just this morning, my comprehensive argument for the DREAM Act was published on, one of the largest online magazines on the net. 

I was pleasantly surprised to the president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Charles Kuck, give a shout out to Citizen Orange as Dave Bennion spoke to him about the DREAM Act on his weekly "Immigration Hour" radio show.

Charles Kuck: I do love Citizen Orange.  Plus it has a very orangey website. 
Dave Bennion: Ya it's orange from top to bottom.
Immigration Hour (23 March 2009)

That has to be one of the best shout outs ever.  I'm framing that quote and putting it on my wall.  Thanks also to Dave Bennion for representing.  I write all of this just to reiterated that we're having an impact, but our work isn't done yet.  Click through to find out what you can do to support the DREAM Act behind the the safety of your computer screen.