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As this blog continues to evolve, and the wonderful writing of yave begnet, changeseeker, janna, and lividsnails graces pages of Citizen Orange, I wonder if there's still a place to give personal updates about myself.  I hesitate because I really want people that I think are better and more knowledgeable writers than myself, to start taking ownership of this page, while I work to give them more visibility.  Which reminds me, I really have to get my photoshop and web development skills in order so I can change the "about kyle" sections of this blog so that they read, "about the authors".

Still, I thought people would be interested in some of the other things that I've been up to, while I'm not typing up a storm here.  
No disrespect to Man Eegee over at Latino Politico (with a brand spanking new domain name!), but I thought I'd up and start posting some pro-migrant round-ups of my own.  This sort of link fest is a vital part of fostering a pro-migrant community online.  Links are the vehicles through which an online community is created.  Without them we are just disconnected web pages shouting into the darkness.

Introducing lividsnails

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Many apologies for this introduction being so long in coming!  When Kyle asked if I wanted to write for Citizen Orange I had just moved to Washington DC to start a new job with a farm labor rights organization.  I'd literally been in town only a few weeks and I was up to my eyeballs in the work of learning a new career and a new city.  (Honestly, I've never worked so hard in my life, not even when I was in grad school!  I can't explain how I do it other than to admit that my favorite beverage at the local coffee shop is the "depth charge" which is super charged coffee with a shot of espresso!)