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"The Arrival"

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The Arrival
I'm a passionate reader of comic books, if it that wasn't obvious from my last post. A lot of the books I read relate to personal experiences I have lived through as an undocumented resident. The last book I bought is hard to describe if you haven't seen it, "The Arrival," by Shan Tan. When I first heard about the book I was immediately intriged because the book is complely wordless, it's 128 of beautiful pictures that will amaze and draw you in to the story. "The Arrival" is about the immigrant experience, the ideas, emotions and tribulations involved in moving to another country. 
Via the Colbert Report:

I don't know if the ImmigrationProf Blog or Greg Siskind have already done this, but if they haven't they should make Junot Diaz one of their "Immigrants of the Day". 

In case you're behind on the news, Junot Diaz won the Pulitzer Prize for his book, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. I've read it and I'm proud to say that I have an autographed copy.  Through the life of a "nerdy" Dominican Junot Diaz is able to comment on the migrant experience, imperialism, and so much more through his unique, often vulgar, writing style.

Watch the video above to see a humourous exchange between Colbert and Diaz about his "Americanness".  Colbert even quips that Lou Dobbs probably put a tracking device in Diaz's Pulitzer Prize.  There's some truth to the humor as only U.S. citizens are eligible to apply in the category Diaz won.

UPDATE: ImmigrationProf blog made Junot Diaz Immigrant of the Day.

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