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Response to Racialicious Post

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I wrote this in a comment section of a Racialicious post that really seemed to pose some honest questions about the nativist viewpoint.  I really spent some time on it so I thought I'd publish it here:

It's good to see a very rational discussion of migration taking place. There's a group of us pro-migrant bloggers that do a lot of work on this issue. At some point you just get tired of hearing the same points over and over again. Sure everyone has different reasons for believing Hae's viewpoints, but so many of the concepts that people with "anti-illegal immigrant" views have are so flawed.

Celebrate First People

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Columbus Day is a loaded holiday for many, full of painful remembrances of vanquished peoples, dominating cultures, ethnic cleansing and genocide on the one hand, and parades and national pride on the other. In Spain, it is El Día de la Hispanidad, and in Mexico, El Día de la Raza. I see it as a day to learn some history, reflect, mourn, and look forward hopefully to a future that does not include the repetition of past atrocities.

Whether you're trying to decide how you feel about the holiday, or quite sure how you feel and would like the opportunity to celebrate and mourn at the same time, I recommend a visit to Never In Our Names for their featured writings Celebrating First People. The contributors focus on our history, including the story of Golden Flower, Taino Princess, by a talented young writer, and The Trail of Tears. The implications of Columbus Day on our present-day treatment of people and a more accurate version of Columbus' "discovery" than we were taught in school make for satisfying, enlightening reading.

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