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UPDATE: It looks as if the global perspective was discussed pretty extensively.  More in the comments.

If the internets sound a little quiet to you today, it's probably because a lot of people are at Netroots Nation.  Man Eegee from Latino Politico seems to be doing the best job at providing information relative to the sanctuarysphere.  He live blogged both the Immigration Panel and the Latino Panel.  It looks like you put a lot of work into it Manny.  Thank you.  Definitely go check them out for a summary of what looks like a good discussion.
Much ado has been made over McCain's "flip-flop" on migration.  Mainstream progressive bloggers used to call migration a "pet issue" that wasn't worth blogging about.  It used to be a monumental struggle for bloggers like myself to get people to pay attention to migration policy.  Policy that I felt would not only define the future of the United States, but the future of the entire hemisphere, maybe even the world, for centuries to come.

It's hard to believe how far we've gotten since then.

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