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With the launch of the A Dream Deferred blog, the world can no longer feign blindness to the suffering of migrants.  While most bloggers in what we have dubbed the pro-migrant sanctuarysphere struggle to get hundreds of online viewers, this month tens of thousands have already collided head on with the migrant voice.  These "voiceless others" that nativists have beat on for centuries now have a megaphone and they are speaking out loud and clear:

"Terrorism, crime, the economy, health care, and education: we are not to blame for all of the world's problems!  Yet, despite being treated as less than human, we still want to help solve them.  All we want, is the freedom to do so."

These are the DREAMers, a nickname for the possible beneficiaries of the DREAM Act.  But the term DREAMer has come to mean so much more than that.  They truly do live their life off of the dream that they will one day be able to contribute to a country that refuses to acknowledge their existence, with some even actively crushing it out.  If I were in their position I would have given up long ago.  I probably would have drawn inspiration from Marcus Garvey and his "Back to Africa" movement, and left.  Instead they stay in the only home they know with the dream that one day, their government will acknowledge their humanity.

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