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Et Tu Mother Jones?

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I knew FAIR was pushing their anti-immigration views through ads both in print and on television, but I never expected to find one in Mother Jones.

What you notice first is the large image of a bulldozer scrapping through a forest above the caption "One of America's Best Selling Vehicles." For an environmentally conscious person who reads Mother Jones this ad would seem to be right up their ally. Who doesn't want to stop the destruction of forests? However, for those of us with a conscious it'd serve us well to understand who's selling this message and what they're really asking us to do.

The groups pushing this ad are all groups founded by John Tanton better known as The Puppeteer to those familiar with the Southern Poverty Law Center. We know the SPLC considers FAIR a hate group, so why would Mother Jones allow them to spread their hateful message within the pages of this supposedly caring publication? While I don't know how they would answer I do know that FAIR's pro-environmentalist message helps them squeeze into places they normally wouldn't be welcome. takes on this notion that immigrants are responsible for urban sprawl in FAIR Ads Unfairly Blame Immigrants for Urban Sprawl

Please visit and let President Elect Obama know what you want done.  Even though I don't agree with many of Obama's stances on immigration I've always seen his presidency as a first step towards taking back the government.  Bush and Cheney have hijacked so much of the it that we've got a lot to get back.

Hopefully letting your voice be heard at will be more than a cathartic exercise.  I believe the first thing we need to do is ask that the raids be stopped and then I'd like to see the DREAM Act passed. 

If you're a pro-migrant reader of this blog let us know what you'd like to see. 

Another group of teens have targeted, and killed, a man simply for being Hispanic.  The anti-Mexican sentiment is becoming so strong that even a Hispanic youth teamed up with a group of whites to "beat up some Mexicans."

Police and prosecutors say the teens _ six of them white and one Hispanic _ were hanging out in a park on Saturday night around midnight when someone suggested they go "beat up some Mexicans." (link - KTAR)

These teens didn't care who they attacked as long as they 'looked' like a Mexican. Just like Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah, PA Lucero was attacked for sport. How could a man be killed simply out of hate? We've warned time and time again that this will keep happening as long as hate groups are allowed to spout their venim. Some do it in small communities and other can do it from a cushy studio - broadcast to millions.

Friends in Patchogue found it both tragic and ironic that Lucero, 38, was stabbed to death Saturday night in what police describe as a hate crime. They describe him as a thoughtful, quiet man who avoided arguments and often went out of his way to help neighbors. (link - Newsday)

ICE and the Stargazers is an excellent post on the ICE and its task and tactics. With Julie Myers resigning and Obama moving in to the White House it's an great time to work on changing the terrible organization.  I wonder why Julie left?  Does it have anything with the 11th hour story on Obama's aunt?  We all remember when Julie awarded a white colleague for his jailed Rastafarian costume. Do I really need to say more?

ICE Raid Results in the Closing of Agriprocessors in Postville and the END of this Small Town! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American. I believe we all wanted to see Agriprocessors prosecuted after this terrible raid, but we didn't want to see the town shut down.  Unfortunately this is the outcome.

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