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Immigration Prof Blog brings us a link to The Alien Invasion? by Ediberto Roman. This report begins by using the War of the Worlds broadcast to describe an "invasion" of immigrants to parody what we often hear by right-wing and anti-migrant media and groups. The post Only in Prince William County, VA, from The Sanctuary, provides a good example of this rhetoric.

Smart Borders writes about the removal of a sacred space where loved ones and friends share time even though a fence separates them.

Friendship Park in Imperial Beach, California, has long stood as a symbol of Amistad and brotherhood between the United States and Mexico. 160 years after the border was established at this point, people now speak and kiss and sing through the wire fence.
The Racial Complexities of Modern Mississippi at Immigration Prof Blog citing a story from AlterNet. The need for workers had been bringing together a natural melding of people from all walks of life. However since the immigration raids anti-migrant sentiment as been on the rise. Once hate is injected it's hard to get it out of the system.

Check out this video from The Unapologetic Mexican titled That One Bigot.

From Why Am I Not Surprised - Be Bold, Be Red on October 30:

Thanks to The Unapologetic Mexican, I was reminded this week that a year ago (and it hardly seems possible that it could have been that long already), the Be Bold! Be Red! campaign called on men and women from coast to coast to organize to fight violence against women of color. Since that time, we have seen publicized multiple cases of such violence, a ridiculous number of them involving women in Iraq, such as Pvt. LaVena Johnson, brutally beaten before being murdered and disfigured in an attempt to hide the identity of the perpetrator(s). The official ruling on the case from the Army? Suicide.

Brownfemipower was included in Utne's recent 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World . Congratulations! From the Utne article:

Brownfemipower, whose inimitable blog is the anchor of the pulsing women-of-color blogosphere, began posting three years ago. She writes emotionally and radiantly about gender violence, immigration raids, public housing demolition in New Orleans, sexuality (a recent post on this topic included a video of Aerosmith's "Crying"), and other "out of bounds" issues, morphing feminism back into a force for social change-for everyone-rather than an "exclusive networking club."

Regardless what McCain says to the public you know he's more than happy to embrace the rising tide of supporters who are claiming that Obama is a terrorist Muslim and a socialist. Anti-BVBL reports.

The Unapologetic Mexican brings us another wonderful post about the current administration, migrants and the wealthy. I couldn't agree more with the following points from his post. It really blows my mind to watch people zombied into the position of protecting the money of the wealthy (which is a similar model used for war). When McCain talks about "spreading the wealth" he knows full well he's talking about his own - not that of the middle-class and below.

It's actually quite mind-blowing to watch McCain, this rich white man, working so hard to convince the poor to protect his money. As a blogmigo, Kai, said "that's it right there, the fundamental point of racism, get non-rich whites to side with rich whites."

"When politicians talk about taking your money and spreading it around, you'd better hold onto your wallet," McCain told the boisterous Melbourne crowd.

Day 1 - Fasting for Immigrant Rights - Tips and Concerns. Prerna from No Borders and Binaries is currently participating in the fast for migrant rights. The promotion of human rights for our is on behalf of every one of us.  Thanks Prerna for participating in solidarity with those in L.A. 

On Grit TV Liza, from Culture Kitchen, sat down with a panel to talk about Wednesday's debate. Check it out.

Microsoft, 25 law firms and Angelina Jolie team up to represent immigrant children at Immigration Prof Blog. It's good to see people with the money and clout to step up and help doing so.

Last night McCain defended his own wealth by claiming Obama wants to take money from the middle class. He used a white male, Joe the plumber, as a representative of the middle class. Joe does not represent the struggling class of this country. White males have had the upper hand since they took this land from the natives.  While Joe may be an 'everman'  he is not representative of those most needing help in this country country. 

The only mention of immigration I noted was McCain's claim that Obama is misrepresenting his views on the subject. Why then didn't provide those views in the debate when he had the chance? We all know that McCain attacked Obama on Spanish language television claiming that he voted against pro-migrant legislation which was false. But let's face it - they're both unwilling to discuss this subject in public while even Obama has used the Spanish ad tactic.  People's lives are being destroyed in this country everyday through immigration raids.  Please be sure to support the Fast For Our Future campaign.

Checking out the live blogging of last night's debate at Zuky I like the comment - "complete spending freeze--can we start with the war?" from rr. Good point. Will McCain's spending freeze mean no money going to the war. Sounds good to me, but they need to get the troops back first.

Seems that William Gheen is so set on dismantling Obama, as are many others, that he thought the Ohio state flag was a new flag created by Obama (and he's not the only one). picked up on this - via Damn Mexicans. Even Malkin admits her supporters thought this was an Obama flag. Yes, that's because they don't study anything and their hate causes knee-jerk reactions. You should be proud of your readers. For more laughs check out Free Republic. These people want to see Obama as a terrorist so bad that they'll use their ignorance to accomplish it. How can you be a nativist when you don't even know the flags of our states?

Today starts the fast for migrant rights titled "Fast For Our Future." Please make sure and sign the pledge and recruit as many people as possible to do the same.

New video from Brave New Films on the hate being spread by the McCain campaign. It smacks of anti-migrant rally hate which shouldn't surprise anyone. Notice the part in the video where I man holds a Curious George doll which he calls Obama.

The fast for immigrant rights is set to begin tomorrow. The goal is to get one million signatures in support of migrants. Please take a moment to sign the pledge.

On October 15th, over 100 people will begin one of the largest hunger strikes in American history to call on Latinos, immigrants, and people of conscience-the Immigrant Rights Movement-to rise out of our fear and vote for change. "The Fast for our Future" will be based in a permanent encampment at La Placita Olvera, the historic heart of Los Angeles, and will continue until at least 1 million people have signed this Pledge.

Check out the Immigration Blog over at At the Republican Convention they sang "Raisin' McCain." This post sings 'Racist McCain'.

T Don Hutto reports on a bill to improve detention conditions.

On October 3, Lucille Royball-Alard (D-California) introduced the Immigration Oversight and Fairness Act (H.R. 7255), a bill that would reform detention conditions for the 300,000+ detained in the U.S. each year. This bill seeks to set enforceable minimum standards for all in detention and sets more specific standards for unaccompanied children and detained women.

Happy Día de la Raza! from The Unapologetic Mexican. 

Today marks the day we recognize the European GoldThirsters coming upon humans they never met before; the era that Italian, French, and Spanish LandWanters came sailing onto shores where other people lived; the time that yet provides the template still acted upon in many ways.

Today in New York 35,000 people are expected to march in the Columbus Day Parade. We know that Columbus was not the first to discover America. His voyage to the Americas was simply an early demonstration on how European countries felt they were entitled to take anything they wanted. As this type of thought continued it resulted in the end of many civilizations and the beginning of many others. Personally I believe celebrating Columbus Day is akin to celebrating the greed that is currently destroying us - just as it destroyed so many others back in Columbus' day.

HUD has stepped in to discount the bogus claims that immigrants are responsible for the current mortgage crisis. From Mexico Trucker.

While the Obama campaign filled out The Sanctuary's questionnaire on immigration and foreign policy issues the McCain campaign remained silent. In the debates both candidates have been silent on this issue.

After three debates involving the Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin candidates, the one subject that has not come up is immigration. - Greg Siskind's Blog
Ironically, though, Escobedo said, the election's outcome could hinge on how each candidate frames immigration and how many Latino votes he can win in four swing states: Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida. - Nuestra Voice

Another huge raid occurred - this time in Greenville, SC. 300 migrants were swept up and now their families wait for answers. As immigration is swept behind the financial crisis ICE quietly keeps moving forward. DHS itself seems to have a problem handling the taxpayer's money. (reported at Citizen Orange, Dream Act Texas and Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.)

Join The Rise Movement in their quest to bring attention to migrant rights through fasting.

You can sign the pledge here. While fasting in solidarity can happen from any location, this event is being held in Los Angeles.
The Encampment: The encampment for the Fast is in the public area of La Placita Olvera and will include tents, a stage, work areas, and a rest area for fasters and supporters. Olvera Street is an historic monument and plaza known as "the birthplace of the City of Los Angeles". The address is:
(Thanks to American Wetback for this information.)

If the anti-migrant ideal is to "deport, deport, deport" then why are migrants being held so long in detention centers?

Yesterday was the last day to register to vote. Hopefully you're all set. Now the challenge is to get to the polls and make your voice heard. It also wouldn't hurt to volunteer and make sure that no funny business goes on at the polling sites. Most importantly we have to keep on those people we elect making sure they're actually doing what the people want done.

Some have tried to blame the financial crisis on migrants, but it seems the truth is they have a lower foreclosure rate than citizens.

Standing FIRM brings us news of a new Breakthrough game titled Homeland Guantanamos. Download a copy and tell us what you think.

ICE agents raid the home of Olga Savage and are shocked to find she's a citizen. This is exactly where this country is headed if we continue to allow these ICE raids. It's not enough the violated her personal space, but they refused to apologize for doing so and their actions caused her to fear she'd die as her blood pressure rose to 280. While the ICE agents returned to their camp, probably laughing, Olga drove herself to the hospital needing immediate care. (from Greg Siskind's blog)

Damn Mexicans points out that John F. Kennedy ran Spanish ads in 1960 showing this is not a new happening because Hispanics want to replace the English language, but instead it's a tradition.

Dream Act Texas reported that the DREAM Act was voted on yesterday. Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed the bill keeping undocumented students from having in state access to higher learning. He claims the economy made him do it, but isn't this type of thing exactly why we're in this terrible situation? Too much attention is paid to those that already have while those without are left to fend for themselves.

Nezua doesn't mince words with the title to his latest post. Here he describes McCain's clandestine support for Latinos that we're seeing in the presidential campaign. This is fused with the struggle of migrants who are so deperate for work that they risk their lives to get here. Isn't it odd that we're constantly being told that the powerless are always looking for handouts as if they're living some golden dream on a free ride - all the while our president is trying to tell us we should bail out the wealthy. If you have access to financial publications check out what CEO's and CFO's make. Let them put their money together and bail themselves out.

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