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When I read that an ICE agent has committed suicide first there's sorrow that somebody would resort to it and then there's strong concern for the work he did and how it affected him. Para Justicia y Libertad gives us some disturbing facts on this story and truly shows that some jobs can be hazardous to your sanity. It wasn't too long ago that ICE agents were petitioning local police officers to join their raids because it would be "a good time." I guess to some forceful entry and life destruction makes for a fun evening. (round-up posted by symsess)

Let's all congratulate Man Eegee over at Latino Politico on his being given the "E" for excellence award. Congratulations and keep up the good work! Well deserved!

Blabbeando's Thursday post asks that we stay away from the politics of fear which opened the White House doors to Bush. For those that agree with them, that Obama is the best choice, stop over and add your name to their letter advocating for the LGBT community. Today's post focuses on violence against the LGBT community in Latin America.

Culture Kitchen believes that Obama is the right choice and gives an write-up on Obama's views on our relationship with Israel.

Damn Mexicans lists books, movies and games on the subject of migrants, immigration, and prejudice. Stop by and add more to the list. I recommend JFK's book titled A Nation of Immigrants for those that haven't read it.

Latina Lista dishes rumor that Texas GOP voters will vote to keep Clinton off the ticket. Apparently they're not too found of the Clintons. A previous post titled "Solving Illegal Immigration Means Business Not As Usual" exams the lack of understanding many politicians have regarding the solution to this issue. This isn't just about the United States.

"All For A Glass of Water", over at Open Borders Lobby speaks of the dangers of crossing the border through the desert. I remember the idea of water stations being suggested back when I was in Texas, but the Glenn Becks and Sean Hannity's of the world ridiculed the idea to death. Take time to read this article about wonderful people trying to help those in need.

On Latino Netroots we learn that being an Obama supporter can be dangerous - that is if you have a familiar member that supports Hillary.

The digital border is being scrapped according to Border Reporter. However, it will be completed along the 28 miles around Sasabe. If you happen to be in the area they're offering a free wi-fi hotspot which will show up on your computer as "I Love George."

Bill Hobbs as Christ? The Coyote Chronicles offers a little humor.

Dream Act Texas gives us details of the Obama camp's Houston DREAM Act press conference. It's good to see the DREAM Act will have another chance. They also give more details on the question of McCain's citizenship status. Personally I hope there's no issue here because Mitt Romney may decide to take another stab at the nomination.

Peter Guzman is a U.S. citizen was illegally deported to Mexico. Read more about this and refugees in Israel over at Immigration Prof Blog.

People Migrate tells us of Rev. Samuel Rodriguez a pro-immigrant voice in the evangelical community and links to an interview with Bill Moyers.

Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch gives us some changes being made to rules of style in the Washington Times including replacing the term "illegal alien" with "illegal immigrant".

Anti-immigrant movement infighting? Who would have guessed. I guess that's hate for you. Read more over at Pro Inmigrant.

Today The Latin Americanist links to articles on the border fence, Venezuela ad Bush's criticism of Obama for visiting Raul Castro. Yesterday, Manu Chao was the featured musician and they focused on "Rainin' In Paradize” which rails against actions like the invasion of Iraq and oppression in Africa. Manu Chao paints the world as it really is while his crazy upbeat music motivates you to make it better. For those that don't know, and quite contrary to its intent, Bush has his cabinet members listen to "Politik Kills" and finishes the song with "we need more blood!"

Of America continues the discussion of the Time Magazine article stating there's no correlation between immigration and crime.

Nuestra Voice covers Obama's surge among Latino voters in Texas.

Multiplicative Identity gives us a long list of Latino artists who have suffered the anti-immigrant surge.

Ralph Nader, Robb Stein, Vets speak out against McCain and a scene from A Few Good Men - all videos - over at Matt Ortega's blog.

Reading that 1 in 100 adults is behind bars is disturbing. What's going on here? Read more over at Eristic Ragemail.

Support Amnesty International's effort to end violence against women by signing their petition.

Pro-Migrant Round-up

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Kyle has given me the opportunity to post the pro-migrant round-up each day so hopefully all goes well.  Before I post today's entries I just want to thank everyone for the wonderful work you do.  Let me know if I missed anyone and please critique any errors. - symsess (American Humanity)

American Humanity posts on Mayor Lou Barletta, Hazleton's 'English only' mayor running for congress.

Damn Mexicans gives us some information on John Derbyshire who previously violated his visa and is pushing for hard lined punishment for anyone else that does the same - well, if they're from south of the border that is.

Dream Act Texas talks about Julie Myers and her 'teams of terror' working to scare migrants across six states. We have every reason to doubt Julie's intentions as she thinks white people dressing as black convicts is 'original' and deserving of an award.

Eristic ragemail talks about NAFTA and immigration. In Tuesday's debate this was discussed, but only in terms of how it effects the U.S. Hugo dives in to the effects of NAFTA on Mexico. You can also visit a previous Migra Matters post for more information.

Immigration List's feature story details the decline of Republicans who have based their campaigns on anti-migrant rhetoric. We've seen both in last year's elections and in the current primaries that voters don't buy in to the hate.

Justice and Journalism's post titled "No correlation between immigration and incarceration" defends migrants against the claims that they are more likely to commit crimes.

Long Island Wins references the same article found on Justice and Journalism exclaiming "Immigrants Up: Crime Down.

I believe John over at Nonviolent Migration is in Brownsville, TX along with Matthew over at Smart Borders. In his most recent post he tells us of a speech he gave honoring his students for their participation in a Martin Luther King essay contest.

Matthew over at Smart Borders also tells us of a speech he gave and of his belief that everyone wants to to good “they're just looking for an excuse.” I believe this is true and there are many wonderful people here who have found theirs.

Pro Inmigrant asks "Are we waiting to change the world or change ourselves to change the world?"

Tiny Cat Pants links to a report that show people on the lower end of the economic scale are more supportive of a path to citizenship in a post titled "We're All In It Together.

Immigration Prof Blog asks "Is John McCain eligible to be president?"

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