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This weekend the Silverdocs Documentary Film Festival wrapped up here in Washington DC.  I was lucky enough to catch three films, all dealing with the theme of human migration.  They were masterfully done, beautiful, sometimes haunting, and all so relevant to the immigration debate in the U.S.  Here are reviews/summaries of them:
If you're in DC today come down to the Department of Justice at noon for a rally in support of the Indian guestworkers who are on hunger strike.  Their case illustrates the pervasive problems of guestworker programs.  See their website for more info about the rally or to sign a petition in their support.  Their blog has daily updates on the campaign.  If you need the short version, Harvesting Justice has a good summary of the case (and for more information of guestworker programs generally, Farmworker Justice has a detailed explanation of the different kinds of guestworker programs in the US, including history and critiques).

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