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Thumbnail image for nahmias book.jpgIn the winter of 2002, Rick Nahmias set out to answer a question that should probe every person living in this country: what is the human cost of feeding America? 

There are many ways to attempt to answer that question.  You can look at the numerous studies and statistics available on agricultural workers.  You can listen to the inspiring speeches of great labor leaders such as Cesar Chavez.  But Rick Nahmias is an artist and his approach to answering that question involved taking his camera and setting off on a trip to meet and talk with farmworkers and capture their stories in a visual way, putting a human face on some of those most impacted by the immigration debate.

The result of his quest is now available in a new book published by the University of New Mexico Press: The Migrant Project: Contemporary California Farm Workers.  It includes a forward by UFW Co-founder Dolores Huerta.

It’s easy for many of us for whom obtaining food is as simple as making a trip to the nearest supermarket to never think about the human cost of our food, to never see how dependent we are on the workers without whom we would likely starve to death.  Their invisibility in popular culture contributes to the exploitation and abuse that is all too common in the industry. 

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