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I've still been settling into my role as a campaign associate at and trying to figure out how best my pro-migrant blogging fits into my time, but in the meantime I thought it was worth cross-posting the following statement regarding the Cecilia Muñoz controversy which my co-blogger, Dave, recently provided excellent analysis on.

Before I do so, however, I will provide a summary of developments up to this point in case people are having trouble following this. Cecilia Muñoz raised the ire of the pro-migrant community when she came out defending the dangerous S-Comm program at the same time that she essentially compared us to nativists. Many pro-migrant organizations came out against Ms. Muñoz's statement, and some Latin@ bloggers like Mario Solis-Marich and Maegan Ortiz, came out asking Ms. Muñoz to resign.

It wasn't until Ms. Muñoz came out in the documentary "Lost in Detention" defending the horrific immigration practices of the Obama administration that called on Ms. Muñoz to correct the misrepresentations she's relying on to defend harmful program like S-Comm. has not called on Ms. Muñoz to resign. In response to's actions and the increasingly vocal cries of Latin@ bloggers, a group of pro-migrant organizations came out with a letter defending Cecilia Muñoz. Following is's response to that letter: