kyledeb: October 2010 Archives

I've been away from blogging since the vote.  Sometimes a break is necessary for me.  There only so much energy that my soul can put out in the world for all the world before I have to recenter myself.  I put everything I had into that vote and, with no regrets, I'm paying for it now.   

The consequence of putting myself out there in an unsustainable way is that I've neglected my responsibilities since then, specifically to move people to get out and vote for the 2010 elections. 

That's the beauty of being part of a movement, though.  No one person makes or breaks an effort.  While I've stepped away, United We Dream, the United States Student Association, the Generational Alliance, and Voto Latino have launched an unprecedented effort to get U.S. citizens to vote on behalf of migrant youth through Vote for Me has been putting out voters guides ever since.