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Andrea Nill over at Think Progress' Wonk Room picked up one of the most entertaining developments in the U.S. migration policy debate that I've had the pleasure of coming across in some time.  Chuck Norris is pro-migrant

Just in case you haven't been on the planet Earth in the last five years, Chuck Norris has become an Internet phenomenon for satirical "facts" invoking his name.  Chuck Norris himself seems to have an ambivalent relationship with these "facts", but there is one new "fact" Chuck Norris might be proud to claim.  Taking Rachel LaBruyere's lead at the Standing FIRM Blog, here is a new "Chuck Norris fact":  Chuck Norris can fix the broken U.S. migration system in 1 minute on Fox News.

This new "Chuck Norris fact" got me thinking.  What kind of Chuck Norris facts could folks come up with in the U.S. migration policy debate?  Even better, what if Chuck Norris were a migrant?  Here's what I came up with.
I have not written since my grandfather died.  I have not let sadness overtake me either.  I've wallowed in nothingness, occupying myself mostly with movies and online television shows.  Writing it out, now, I realize that nothingness is worse than sadness.  It certainly is no way to honor a life that was so full.

I've long imagined writing something brilliant about my grandfather, or my whole family, for that matter.  As my grandfather's health deteriorated, I also imagined having something profound to say after his death.  Writing that out feels macabre and self-indulgent.  Weeks have passed and the words haven't come.