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I thought I'd post another video today to watch over the weekend.  It's from our friends over at the T. Don Hutto Blog, and it really brings to light the horror of this family detention center.  I wrote about this facility some time ago.  Remember, this facility is located in a privileged nation.

"sombrero" tip to the Unapologetic Mexican for this:

I was excited to find out over the weekend that David Neiwart, through his own blog and a cross-post on Firedoglake linked to me and others in the pro-migrant blogosphere in the last post of his three-part series on immigration:

The blogosphere can have a role in this change as well. There is a wealth of blogs out there dealing with immigration and Latino issues on a regular basis, and many of them feature not just important perspectives that need to be part of the conversation, but compelling and powerful writing as well. A sampling: Migra Matters, Latina Lista, Matt Ortega,Immigration Prof Blog, The Silence of our Friends, Citizen Orange, The Unapologetic Mexican ... well, the list is long, and this one is certainly incomplete. But you get the idea.

I encourage you to use my blogroll on the right to complete that list, but now that he's finished his series I thought I'd use it as an opportunity to insert my own commentary, and hopefully build or hone on what was a massive and ambitious undertaking for Neiwart.
Lot's of good information in the pro-migrant blogosphere, today.  My entry on the ICED video game has been getting lots of traffic and I only hope that we can convert those eyes into more followers of the pro-migrant blogosphere.  Read on for another one of my weekday pro-migrant round-ups:
As this blog continues to evolve, and the wonderful writing of yave begnet, changeseeker, janna, and lividsnails graces pages of Citizen Orange, I wonder if there's still a place to give personal updates about myself.  I hesitate because I really want people that I think are better and more knowledgeable writers than myself, to start taking ownership of this page, while I work to give them more visibility.  Which reminds me, I really have to get my photoshop and web development skills in order so I can change the "about kyle" sections of this blog so that they read, "about the authors".

Still, I thought people would be interested in some of the other things that I've been up to, while I'm not typing up a storm here.  
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I'm back this Monday with another pro-migrant round-up:

Lou Dobbs DOWNes

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The ImmigrationProf Blog has a link to what I think is one of the most reasonable take downs of Lou Dobbs, yet.  It's written by the editorial observer at the New York Times Lawrence Downes.
The pro-migrant blogosphere is buzzing about the presidential debates last night.  Culture Kitchen, Latina Lista, and the ImmigrationProf Blog all have commentary.  Everyone seems to be pretty happy about Clinton's and Obama's stance on immigration last night.  I'm going to rain on the parade. 

Pro-Migrant Round-Up

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I'm trying to make a daily ritual out of the pro-migrant round-up in hopes of better connecting the pro-migrant blogosphere:

Winter Rabbit over at Culture Kitchen just wrote an important post on Native American stereotypes in athletic contests.  Most relevant to this blog is the fact that these stereotypes are especially prevalent in Oklahoma.  I'll transcribe from the video Winter Rabbit embedded to explain:

No disrespect to Man Eegee over at Latino Politico (with a brand spanking new domain name!), but I thought I'd up and start posting some pro-migrant round-ups of my own.  This sort of link fest is a vital part of fostering a pro-migrant community online.  Links are the vehicles through which an online community is created.  Without them we are just disconnected web pages shouting into the darkness.

Breakthrough TV has finally launched the much talked about ICED (I Can End Deportation) Video game. I haven't had the chance to play it yet, but I think this game really has the ability to turn some heads and get people to think a little bit differently about migrant rights. Digg it, Stumble it, Facebook it, do whatever you have to do to get it out there.

UPDATE:  Some people are having trouble downloading the game.  I don't know if this is the problem, but for myself at least I know the flash player at is too big for my browser, and it doesn't allow me to see the red "play" tab at the bottom.  If that happens just right click to get the option "show all" and you should be able to see the "play" tab after which the website will ask if you have a mac or a PC and the game should begin downloading if you allow pop-ups for the website.  Let me know if there are further questions.

Bring Law in Line With Truth

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The Unapologetic Mexican pulled out all the stops in a post about Flor Crisostomo, the latest migrant to seek sanctuary in the now infamous Chicago church, the Adalberto United Methodist Church.  I can't survive without my daily, Nez Says, but this post is a must read.  My favorite part is how he ends it:

Law, in and of itself, is not Just. Law, all by itself, is not truth. Current law only represents humans' intentions to manifest a just truth at a certain point in the past. And this same law often needs humans, later, to correct it and bring it in line with truth, and what is just in the present moment.

Several people emailed me over the last few days and asked me to cover Janet Murguia's half-hour take down of Lou Dobbs on his nightly show.  Murguia of the National Council of La Raza is embarking on a noble campaign to stop Lou Dobbs from "handing hate a microphone" on his nightly show.

I watched it through a link, and I wasn't impressed -- that is until I realized that edited out the most important parts of the exchange in the online video.  At minutes 2:50, 6:42, and 7:50 careful observers will notice a white flashes and jumps.  It wasn't until I watched the youtube videos (1 2 and 3) that I got a completely different impression of the exchange.  Murguia did an excellent job with Lou Dobbs.  It turns out cut out the meat of the Murguia's pro-migrant arguments with its online video editing.  This is unacceptable, and everyone should email regarding these editorial blunders.

In the online video of the exchange, edited out some of the most important indictments of the Minutemen, and the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) along with their connections to hate and vigilantism. also edited out the exchanges quantifying the increase in hate crimes against Latinos, and the few times Lou Dobbs actually says something positive about undocumented migrants. 

A website, We Can Stop the Hate, has been launched to document it all.  Here "The Case" against migrant hate is made through several pdf documents.  I will end this post with all the relevant videos and a transcript of the exchange between Murguia and Dobbs with all of the censored parts bolded.

One of the last anti-migrant politicians that had a chance at winning the presidency will suspend his campaign, according to CNN.  I hope I don't need to remind people of Mitt Romney's contradictory deportation-only approach to undocumented migration that he made a centerpiece of his campaign.
See the introductory post I put up just as the polls opened for more information.