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I'm An MTV Scab!

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Well, not really.  But this post will certainly be a test of my independence from big media.

If you haven't heard the news yet, I am one of the 51 citizen journalists selected for MTV's newly unveiled Street Team '08.  I'm going to be a one man media outlet (written, audio, and visual media) for Massachusetts youth.   MTV's press release, in one form or another, has found its way to the Associated Press, the Guardian, and Fox, and other outlets.

Home for the Holidays

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Thought I'd post a couple random personal updates.

I will be traveling back to Guatemala soon so I might not be able to blog as much as I would like.  It'll be the perfect time for me to do some reading, and work on some longer writing projects that I've been hoping to get, too.  The speed and instantaneousness of the blogosphere certainly doesn't allow for the sort of developed thinking and reasoning that is often necessary for personal intellectual progress, as good as it is at documenting history.

Also, I was invited onto the Mario Solis Marich Show yesterday to talk about my Amy Chua post.  There's no way to hear it again, but Mario will be inviting a lot more familiar names from the pro-migrant blogosphere onto his show, soon.  I gave a shout out to Duke because I used his phrase, "the extreme is becoming the mainstream", and Mario also complemented Citizen Orange's design so I gave a shout out to Nezua and Xolagrafik Design, for that.  He also invited me back to talk about the trip where I retraced the route of a Guatemalan migrant into the U.S.

2008 is going to be a big year for the pro-migrant blogosphere.  I hope people stick around for the ride.
I admire people that work to build unity where there is division.  Building unity leads humanity in the direction of ideals.  Building consensus is admirable, but compromising with hate is not.

In her Washington Post op-ed, "The Right Road to America?", Yale Law Professor Amy Chua compromises with hate.  In an attempt to forge a middle ground between tolerance and toughness, she makes deals with the devil.  The net result is an argument that rests on nativism. 

Chua makes the fallacious argument that, within nations, "pluralism and diversity" leads to "violence and instability".  Reading her op-ed, I couldn't help but be reminded of the lunatic mission statement of Frosty Wooldridge's website (Another front for NumbersUSA):

MigrantRoots: We Are All Migrants

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There seems to be a sufficient enough lull in migrant suffering and anti-migrant hate, that I will be able to start a series of posts that I've been meaning to write for sometime now. 

So much has happened over the last few months, much of which I will be able to reveal on Citizen Orange shortly.  The pro-migrant blogosphere is exploding and soon will become an integral part of the fight for migrant emancipation.  Just on Citizen Orange there has been an incredible burst of new and positive energy with the efforts of janna, yave and duke, and I'm hoping for more!

With all of this energy and all of these new voices, increasingly I find myself thinking about how best I can contribute.  As more pro-migrant bloggers come into the fold and each of us defines our areas of expertise, it's looking like mine, increasingly, is going to be the angle of global justice that so few willingly discuss.  For too long, now, we have separated the local from the transnational, the national from the global.   I personally have been trying to build power locally and nationally here from Massachusetts, but it has always been with an eye towards global justice.
It was a lot of fun watching Kieth Olbermann lay the smackdown on Lou Dobbs for his complicity in hiring the same migrants that he rails against nightly.  Yave wrote a brilliant post on this, and Duke writes that the blogosphere was way ahead of Olbermann on this one.  Still, there was one part of Olbermann's monologue, quoted below, that bothered me a bit.

UPDATE: This anti-migrant troll continues to post from Madison, Alabama, forcing me to ban IT.

I don't usually post on the weekends.  But, in managing Citizen Orange's comments, I came across the tactics of another despicable anti-migrant troll.  Not only is this troll so cowardly that IT refuses to identify ITself, but this troll has engaged in misrepresenting ITself as one of Citizen Orange's beloved bloggers.

The troll commented here and here.

Pretending to be yave begnet, this troll has engaged in spewing anti-migrant and twisted logic, which I refuse to answer, because of the underhanded way in which IT has identified itself.  This is the sort of hate that we have to confront online, and in real life.  It is in anonymity that we are confronted with the true hate and cowardice of the anti-migrant viewpoints that are responsible for the suffering of millions.

I've written this post and published these cowardly comments, and expose the world to what the pro-migrant blogosphere has to confront on a daily basis.
One of the benefits of cross-posting on Daily Kos is that you find people like Nightprowlkitty, who has become one of the most fierce defenders of migrant rights on the net.  Check out NPK holding it down and telling her story on Docudharma, a site that's becoming a pretty big deal.

Illegal Is Not a Noun

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Check out the new badge at the bottom of the right hand column.  Via Duke at Migra Matters...
I'm proud to have another link in the pro-migrant blogroll, today.  T. Don Hutto is a blog "dedicated to providing information on the growing movement to shut down Hutto and prevent this model of immigrant detention from spreading nationally". 

The "Don Hutto Family Residential Facility", was the first prison designed specifically for immigrant families.  It is run by the Corrections Corporation of America, the U.S.'s largest for-profit corrections company.   If the thought of profiting from one of the largest prison populations in the world isn't sickening enough, check out the information the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has on the Hutto Detention Center.  The letter I've pasted here, from a detained child identified as Kevin to the Canadian Prime Minister, has haunted my dreams.  I will quote it below.

(Picture from the American Civil Liberties Union)
I don't think we can do enough back-patting in the pro-migrant blogosphere.  We are few and the opposition is strong. Any recognition we get is cause for celebration.  I'm extremely happy to announce that XP of Para Justicia Y Libertad, otherwise known as Edmundo Rocha, was recently given a silver star by the Texas Progressive Alliance after being nominated for Texan of the Year

xpEdmundo Rocha. Blending lends heavy-handed social critiques, local and national politics, and a heaping dose of common sense in his blog, Edmundo Rocha tackles heavy topics like imigration (sic), teenage pregnancy, racial and gender politics, and backs up everything with a sense of style and spirit. With a loyal and unwavering audience (his Texan of the Year nomination, in fact, was suggested in the comments of a blog by one of Edmundo’s readers), Rocha has rapidly become one of the state’s most prominent Latino bloggers. No issue is too tough, and none taboo for this blogger.
Congratulations, XP and I'll never forget your early support for Immigration Orange.
In a "Memo to the Netroots on Immigration" Elana Levin of the Drum Major Institute gave a nod to the Latino Blogosphere and Citizen Orange for our work on immigration.

The burgeoning Latino/a blogosphere, front-lined by the likes of Latino Pundit, Latina Lista and Para Justicia y Libertad and which includes immigration policy blogs like Immigration Orange and Migra Matters, continue to expose anti-immigrant myths, call attention to under-reported stories, promote immigrant voices and drive on-the-ground pro-migrant activism. Diarists on community blogs like “Colorado Luis” and Migra Matters editor “Duke1676”’s crossposts to DailyKos have kept blog readers outside of the immigrant rights community informed of ICE raids and deportations. There must be greater attention for their efforts outside of immigrant rights circles.
While I don't think Elana could have ever given the Latino blogosphere enough credit for the pro-migrant haven they have provided, it's still nice to know that our work is getting recognized.
(Boston Globe Photo)

Massachusetts has been buzzing with the news that Mitt Romney was caught employing migrants staying in the U.S. illegally, yet again.

The Boston Globe broke the story last night, and David at Blue Mass. Group was quick to jump all over it.  After the Globe inquiry, Romney quickly fired the landscaping company and his Republican rivals have been quick to jump all over it.

My favorite quote came from a member of the Fred Thompson campaign:

"First Mitt Romney was FOR illegal immigrants working on his lawn, and then he was against it, then for it, and now I guess he's against it again," spokesman Todd Harris said in a statement. "Sounds like his position on amnesty."

Rather than just sit back and laugh at the political theater, I thought I'd delve into a deeper analysis of Romney's hypocrisy on this issue.
Let's play a game.  Decipher the following acronyms and tell me which organizations are pro-migrant and which are anti-migrant:  FIRM, FAIR, CCIR, CCIR, CIS, NILC. 

Having trouble?  How about if I write them out and link to them:

Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CCIR), California Coalition for Immigration Reform (CCIR), Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), National Immigration Law Center (NILC).

Still having trouble? 

Lou Dobbs Race Baiter

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When it comes to race baiting, Lou Dobbs is a hypocrite.  Check out this new video that I've put together where Lou Dobbs gives a pass to a staunch racist at forum in Illinois.  Then, just a day later, he accuses Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) of race baiting on his show.  This and Gutierrez didn't even mention race once!  I can't help but see hypocrisy when Dobbs gives a pass to an anti-migrant racist in his forum at the same time that he constantly calls out pro-migrant advocates for race-baiting on his show. 

Dobbs's popularity results from filling the vacuum spineless establishment Democrats are leaving in their wake.  In the absence of strong progressive leadership, Lou Dobbs has been able to twist populist rhetoric into anti-migrant hate and economic irrationality. 

Make sure to sign the petition to boycott Lou Dobbs over at .  Let him know that the people he claims to represent will not stand for his harmful rhetoric.  His words divide and degrade human kind.

I also want to thank Max and the Marginalized for giving me permission to use their music in the video.  Check out their myspace page to hear more music.  Their only asking for a donation of 50 cents for each downloaded song.  Not bad for quality work like this.  The lyrics for Dobbs-inspired song, "Weeknights at Six" are below.