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I don't see how the federal government is expected to do anything about the millions of U.S. migrants living in fear when the press does a miserable job of informing the public.  Over the past few days, I've seen the Associated Press blast the comments of Governor Deval Patrick across the nation and fail to accurately inform readers about the context surrounding those comments.
(Picture from the Boston Herald) 

I encourage everyone to write a letter to the editor and leave comments on the websites of the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, the Houston Chronicle, The New Bedford Standard-Times, the Worcester Telegram, and the Berkshire Eagle.  It is especially important that people write letters to the editors of these papers to counter the inevitable firestorm that will play out in the editorial sections.

Big Things in the Works

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I keep saying that I have a lot of big things going on, most of which I will only be able to reveal when the time is right.  Fortunately, this time around there are a few things that I can report on.  I just got back from training for the MTV Choose or Lose Street Team '08, and some of my photos were recently published in a local magazine, Dollars & Sense.

(Picture from Street Team '08 Platform) 

I'm still trying to iron out some of the details for how what I do with Street Team '08 is going to be incorporated into this blog, but you'll be able to observe my weekly reports and everything I do through my profile.  In case you haven't seen it yet, the Boston Herald recently reported on what I'll be doing for MTV.

I'm a little bit ashamed of one of the quotes.  I said, "I'm going to be a one-man media outlet for Massachusetts youth".  I was trying to talk about how I'll be producing audio, visual, and written media for MTV, which is what is so cool about new media, but it just ended up coming off as arrogant, and complete against what new media is about, which is multiple voices and collective strength. 

That's it for now, but I'm probably going to compile all of the media reports about me at some point, and there will be a few more articles in future so stay on the look out.
Everything makes sense when I go back to Guatemala.  I've gotten increasingly interested in local politics here in Massachusetts, but going back to Guatemala puts everything in perspective.  While I still have yet to be able to fully articulate it, I think I'm finally starting to get a feel for what matters for the billions of people that inhabit the earth. 

When I put it that way it might seem simple.  But in the world of new media, where it's theoretically possible to make an impact anywhere in the globe, at any time, prioritizing makes the difference between change and keeping things the same. 

It's never been enough to say, "do good", because almost everyone, at least in their mind, feels they are a good person at heart.  It's certainly not enough to say all each of us needs to do is help a few other people, because those with the privilege to do so are too few and those that need help and support are too many.  The question has always been when and how to better the world, and the answers certainly aren't always and however.  That leads to burnout. 

I think my mind is finally grasping the necessary nuance that has always allowed me to prioritize between issues like Boston's rat problem or a "virus of potholes", and malnourished children in Guatemala.

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