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Check out this excellent, concise video about the recent widespread detentions taking place all across the country.

Music For Change

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For mere pocket change, you can help empower latino youth voters, and add 15 hot new songs to your iPod!


Join in the discussion about migrant workers and their importance to American agriculture by attending a free screening of American Harvest on Monday, April 14, followed by a question and answer session with filmmaker Angelo Mancuso.

For an opportunity to meet some of the migrants featured in the film, get up to the Rochester High Falls International Film Festival on Sunday, May 4 for another screening of American Harvest.

Also look for the theatrical debut of the award-winning film in Rochester, NY this coming June. Show other theaters around the country that there is an audience for American Harvest and help promote its national release by contacting your favorite independent cinemas and asking them to show it.
Border Stories has posted three new videos, and they are excellent. These films promote understanding of migrants like nothing else I've seen. Spread the word.
If they knew everything that we suffer throughout the whole journey, I don't think they could bring themselves to stop us.
From Movement Vision Lab we have this excellent video of an American DREAMer:

At what point did we close the borders on the American dream? Juan's story, similar to the stories of many undocumented youth, shines a light on America's unfounded fear of immigrants and pushes us towards building a more just immigration system based on community values.

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