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I spent my quiet Sunday morning enjoying every one of the videos over at Border Stories, brought to my attention by our Pro-Migrant Sanctuaryshere wrangler, symsess. His daily digests reveal so many excellent reads from the good people working tirelessly in the blogosphere, but these little videos are so wonderful I just had to highlight them and give them my highest recommendation.

They're doing amazing work documenting the beautiful interconnectedness of people and communities at the border, and showing that the people most likely to be affected by the border wall don't actually support it. I highly recommend watching these Border Stories. Each one is only about 5 minutes long, but the inspiration and information value is that of a full length documentary. Once you see these little video gems, you'll want to pass em around, too. So wrap your mitts around a warm mug, pull up a chair, and take a little break from fighting the good fight. You'll emerge inspired to return to fight another day. 

Brave New DREAMs

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Brave New Films is launching a series of short films in a campaign to promote immigrants' rights. By highlighting the struggles of immigrant families in his films, Robert Greenwald combats anti-migrant animosity through the re-humanization of the fight for humane immigration reform. 

The first in the series, A Dream Deferred, seeks to resurrect national attention to the hopes of undocumented students in their pursuit of an education and the chance to succeed. Help keep the dream alive by viewing and commenting on this important film, and remember to sign the petition, too. 

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