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Breaking Free

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God bless the Palestinian people.

Which brings me to a new definition of "border" as put forth today by Luis Alberto Urrea:

BORDER, n. 1. An imaginary line imposed on an indigenous landscape by men who are not from that landscape; 2. A line that unites two different cultures and forms an unbreakable bond between them.

Migrantes del Sur

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This month's National Geographic has a stunning feature on Central American migrants and their journey over Mexico's southern border.  Be sure and check out the photos and the video as well as the article

Kyle is very familiar with the southern border region.  Before other journalists took notice, he was there documenting the Central American migrant trail.  If you haven't seen it, by all means check out his own migrant's journey, here, and here

Thanks to Tomás for his tireless work in bringing articles like this to our attention

Treating the Symptoms

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What seemed at first to be a beautiful victory for animal welfare has turned into a gruesome nightmare.

The awful result of the U.S. ban on horse slaughter for human consumption now seems so obviously inevitable, it's hard to believe none of those who rallied for it saw this coming.  The closing of equine slaughter facilities in the United States has done nothing to eliminate the need to put down thousands of our horses every year.  Instead of holding accountable those responsible for our nation's glut of unwanted horses - primarily, irresponsible breeders and wasteful racehorse owners and trainers - equine advocates went after the slaughter industry, which was providing a necessary, if ugly, service.  As a result, the flood of horses into auction houses has not abated one bit, the ride to the slaughter house has just gotten longer, and now takes horses across the border into Mexico. 

This tragic story just goes to show what happens when the focus is on treating the symptoms while the cause of the illness goes ignored.

American Harvest film screening

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You may recall one of my earlier posts about American Harvest, a documentary about migrant farmworkers.  The movie will be featured at the Farm Film Fest in Chatham, New York on Sunday, January 13, with a chance to toss back a few with the filmmaker afterwards.  Sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday.  Come, and bring your friends.

If you can't make it to Chatham, listen to American Harvest Director Angelo Mancuso on the Dennis Miller Radio Show live on Jan. 10, or stream the show from the DMRS website.    

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