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I see a lot of things around me and sometimes I see things that just, well they just hit me hard for some reason. Take the picture above. It's of three kids talking to a security officer. Nothing special about that right ? Well those three kids are keeping an eye out for the real cops because their parents are street vendors. I see them all them time, specially here in L.A. and I have mixed reactions. One moment can be rage and frustration because their parents are making their kids put themselves in harms way, taking them with them to work and basically depriving them of a decent childhood. 

Life in Mexico

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I can't imagine leaving the only home I've ever known to some strange and foreign land that I've never been to. That's why when I started following blogs about husbands and wives with kids having to move to another country for legal reasons made me think if I could do the same. I have a lot of respect and admiration for them because they are making a tremendous sacrifice leaving their homes for their loved ones. So here's a few of the blog I've been following. Give'em a read when you have the chance.   

Aha ! I knew it all along

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~ Picture courtesy of the L.A. Times ~ 

The L.A. Times published a story last week about a fired border patrol agent that says that border patrol required them to meet a quota of arrest or they could get fired. "We had to make eight apprehensions a day and if we didn't meet that goal we were pressured to get more the next day," said Tony. The story goes on to say that they agents had to resort to going to home depos, clinics and other areas to detain people so they can meet their quota. "If we didn't find any we would go to Home Depot or day labor sites," he said. "We got an old guy stepping out of a medical clinic once." While everything in the story is being denied by The Border Patrol, we all know that it's true. It just goes to show you how bad things are getting. 


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I realy don't like regurtitating information, speacially from major media outlets like The L.A. Times, but there are exceptions to everything and this story is one of them. They published a story about a young lady who like many of us, has to over come extreme obsticles just to make it to school. " De La Cruz faces fairy tale odds." The one problem I had with the story is that if they're trying to put the spotlight on her journey and struggle, why would they use the term "illegal immigrant" instead of something more politically correct like undocumented resident or student. It's a good read if you have the time and if you're in need of a pick up, her story will hopefully inspire other's to contune on and not to give up. 

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