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Former Anti-Migrant Activist Confesses

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O anger, you are the root of conflict; compassion never rises up in you. You take the corrupt, sinful beings in your power, and make them dance like monkeys -Sri Guru Granth Sahib

You don't need a hate barometer to understand that the anti-immigration movement is fraught with intolerance, hatred and in many cases racism. The anti-immigration activist puts themselves above all others in a sick narcissism veiled as patriotism. While patriotism can be a good thing it loses it's flavor when the idea or thing becomes more important than the suffering and needs of others.

This morning I opened up my feed reader to get started back into the SanctuarySphere posts only to find that Robb Pearson, a former anti-migrant activist from New Jersey, conducted an interview, or confession, with 9500Liberty. I figured this deserves its own post and what better way to start the new year then to have a former anti-'illegal' immigrant protester confess. The following comment from Robb is very telling of the mindset many possess in this movement.

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