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Both Anti-BVBL and Dream Act Texas report on recent findings that Chertoff's home was cleaned by undocumented migrants.

Latina Lista also talks about this finding in Sec. Chertoff's housecleaners may have been undocumented but they weren't criminals. Here a good point is brought up - the reason these undocumented migrants weren't discovered is because they didn't have a criminal background. They weren't criminals. Neither are the vast majority of migrants working hard in this country.

Weekly Immigration Wire: Harvesting Hate in Hard Economic Times at The Unapologetic Mexican on the rise in hate crimes against Latinos along with anti-migrant sentiment and enforcement.

Congratulations Nezua! Check out his post on National Human Rights Day at The Unapologetic Mexican which covers the latest Bush atrocity of limiting farm workers rights.

Hearts of Darkness: A journey into the nativist lair at Migra Matters. This is an excellent post on Duke's journey into the alternative universe that is FAIR. Definitely a must read.

Story on RAID in Indiana at Standing FIRM.

But that's JUST IT - these people posed no serious threat to our national security. And yet, ICE is diverting tons of resources into the symbolic arrest of 11 women and 4 men, who are working hard to make ends meet.

Bush Administration now bails out agricultural industry with changes to guestworker program that creates a government sanctioned slave market at Latina Lista.

These changes, not surprisingly, turns more control, oversight and interpretation of the law into the hands of employers who are already striving to pay low wages, house workers in unsanitary and unsafe housing, and retain a level of abusive control over their workers that dictate their movements, work productivity and earnings.

If you've been paying attention to the news lately you've seen the rise in violence against Latinos. Just a few days ago men jumped from a truck and beat two Equadorian brothers nearly to death with a metal bat. We've also seen both Marcelo Lucero and Luis Ramirez beat to death in what are reported as hate crimes.

FAIR Claims Demonizing Rhetoric Unrelated to Anti-Latino Violence at Hatewatch.

FAIR said that this "outrageous behavior" was part of "a calculated strategy" aimed at "silenc[ing] legitimate immigration policy debate" and added that those who suggest such a link between rhetoric and hate crime "provide no proof whatsoever." FAIR and its leader, Dan Stein, were particularly incensed that Latino rights organizations had "cynically" suggested that the recent murder of Marcelo Lucero on Long Island, N.Y., by white teenagers who had gone hunting for "Mexicans," was related to the demonization of Latino immigrants that had been particularly heavy there.

In What Exactly *Are* You Thinking? over at David links to an article on anti-migrant sentiment in the UK. The cry that the 'white working class' is suffering is one used to promote migrant fear. The piece titled - has a great opening paragraph:

One of the most annoying things about people who like to play around with anti-immigrant politics is that they seem to be incapable of expressing themselves straightforwardly. They're like estate agents who don't want to mention that houses have toilets - it's all this euphemistic "are you thinking what I'm thinking" stuff. And usually, I'm not thinking what they're thinking, and I don't know what they mean.

This may be a DREAM come true at No To Borders and Binaries. The Pass the DREAM Act idea on has 752 votes and it looks like it will make it into the second round, but more votes will be needed to keep this issue at the top.  Please stop by the site and vote.

Making the DREAM ACT Happen at Dream Act Texas

Realizing the promise: tomorrow is the day, let's make some history at The Sanctuary. Today there will be a major gathering of grassroots leaders in DC.

This is truly a historic moment in our Nation's history and YOU can participate. Tomorrow, visit from 3PM to 6PM to watch the entire event LIVE on our WEBCAST. We will be live-blogging the event at Standing FIRM, so be sure to check back for that too.

Check out Agriprocessors and the Guatemalan Immigrants at Immigration Prof Blog. This article tracks some of the workers and takes time to speak with them on their experiences. From an interview with one worker, Sanail:

On his bedroom wall, he displays a framed photo of himself in Postville. He laughed as he leafed through other pictures, which show him standing in knee-deep Iowa snow, bundled up against the unfamiliar cold. He would love to go back, but he swears he will never be an illegal immigrant again. The price is too high.

Prominent Racists Attend Inaugural H.L. Mencken Club Gathering at Hatewatch. Peter Brimelow gives his reasons for McCain's loss - not enough white Americans.

The president-elect only got a majority of white votes among 18-to-30-year-olds, according to Brimelow. "What this election shows is that whites vote one way and everybody else votes the other way."

From Bender's Immigration Bulletin - Immigrants offer a solution to America's problems. This article, by Mary Sanchez, goes over some facts from a Migration Policy Report along with here opinions on the appointment of Napolitano.

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