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As always The Unapologetic Mexican brings us some poverful words. Read Anti-Migrant Democrats Aiding Wave of Hate Crimes.

You know what's worse than a scumbag politician who uses his position of power to blur lines between humans in need and criminals, apathetic to or ignorant of the fact that they are feeding a tide of violence that gets innocent people killed? When that politician is so cowardly that he tries, at the same time, to distance himself from his own doings and come off like a saint.

The Real First Thanksgiving: Revisted at Para Justicia y Libertad.

The trouble is, almost everything we've been taught about the first Thanksgiving in 1621 is only half the story. Little is told about the pilgrims persistent injustices to its indigenous peoples after this "harvest feast." Even worse, the root of America's history is on Colonial American history, which is solely based on the 13 New England colonies. But this is no surprise because this pattern of belief is one of the pillars of American nationalism. And because our desire to view this country in a positive light, it is also not surprising that the subject of US genocide against American Indians is conveniently swept under the rug.

Dismantle the DHS: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

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This first post on dismantling the DHS couldn't be more right on. If we want real change we'll do away with the DHS and create an organization that does not treat immigrants as terrorists. The DHS was created in response to 9/11 and has since simply been a tool to demonize immigrants.

Forget Janet Napolitano; Dismantle the DHS at The Sanctuary. Dream Activist explains that no matter who you appoint to head the DHS it was built by Bush and should be dismantled if we want real change.

I was recently asked by a reader if I felt all immigration retrictionists were racists. Basically I'd have to say that yes, on some level, I believe their desire is based in racism whether it be fostered or innate. My view comes from the fact that I'veseen no immigration retrictionists who have sought to do what is necessary to ebb the need for migrating to the United States - helping others abroad. 

Just Say "No" To Immigrant Bashing

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Roy Beck of Numbers USA recently published an article on his group's website on the murder of Marcello Lucero.  What starts off as a piece against hate quickly turns into a piece explaining that Marcelo's death has nothing to do with his (anti-immigrant) movement while attacking those he calls "pro-illegal-immigrant" supporters.  He also states quite coldly about Lucero's murder:

My guess is that these teenagers are opportunistic thugs who would have found somebody else to beat up if they hadn't had some animus toward Latin Americans.

Yes, and we can also state Lucero wouldn't be dead if he didn't look Mexican.  Just like Luis Ramirez, of Shenandoah, wouldn't be dead if he'd wasn't in the Unites States without permission as was stated by the local anti-migrant group. 

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