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I've blogged my heart out for the DREAM Act this week.  Though I've probably exhausted every argument out there I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to a post Dream Activist just put up at

We already have to battle it out with nativists and with our life circumstances. We do not want to be fighting with our friends and allies too. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Dream Activist (28 March 2009)
I recommend reading the whole thing, but that's a good primer for the argument, from the mouths of unauthorized youth themselves.  Prerna also spoke out courageously in the comments section of Citizen Orange, when a "progressive" spoke out against the DREAM Act.  The whole argument deserves to be reproduced in full.


Lawrence Downs brings us the corrido of Saúl Linares, an organizer from Hempstead, Long Island (next door to one of my least favorite places on earth, the Garden City USCIS office). Linares sings about the exploits of Sheriff Joe "Arpayaso," Arizona's clown prince.

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