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"The Arrival"

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The Arrival
I'm a passionate reader of comic books, if it that wasn't obvious from my last post. A lot of the books I read relate to personal experiences I have lived through as an undocumented resident. The last book I bought is hard to describe if you haven't seen it, "The Arrival," by Shan Tan. When I first heard about the book I was immediately intriged because the book is complely wordless, it's 128 of beautiful pictures that will amaze and draw you in to the story. "The Arrival" is about the immigrant experience, the ideas, emotions and tribulations involved in moving to another country. 

The Ultimate Immigrant

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Part of my assimilation when I firrst came to the U.S. came through comic books. I still love those same characters I saw on t.v. and read in books. The idea of having superpowers and unfanthomable abilities was something that has always facinated me to this day. It's only now that I realize how powerful comics and its characters can be.  

Take for example Superman, the ultimate immigrant.

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