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I found something amazing at my school, a pamphlet explaining what AB 540 is. How sweet is this ? I'm still working on finding out how this came about, but word around the grape vine is that this was made to help clear things up when students are enrolling or asking for help when talking staff in the admissions office. Not all of them are up to speed with what AB 540 and sometimes end up confusing students who came to them confused to begin with. There are also some counselors who aren't familiar with it either and again, the wrong information is given out. As far as I know, East Los Angeles College is the only college taking HUGE steps in going out of it's way in trying to educate students about what being AB 540 means and what options we have as students. I just hope others follow suit and we can spread the word. I'm still surprised by how many still don't know about it and how it can help them. I feel like a preacher when I talk about it to others. Like I just helped them find hope you know.

Life in Mexico

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I can't imagine leaving the only home I've ever known to some strange and foreign land that I've never been to. That's why when I started following blogs about husbands and wives with kids having to move to another country for legal reasons made me think if I could do the same. I have a lot of respect and admiration for them because they are making a tremendous sacrifice leaving their homes for their loved ones. So here's a few of the blog I've been following. Give'em a read when you have the chance.   

"The Arrival"

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The Arrival
I'm a passionate reader of comic books, if it that wasn't obvious from my last post. A lot of the books I read relate to personal experiences I have lived through as an undocumented resident. The last book I bought is hard to describe if you haven't seen it, "The Arrival," by Shan Tan. When I first heard about the book I was immediately intriged because the book is complely wordless, it's 128 of beautiful pictures that will amaze and draw you in to the story. "The Arrival" is about the immigrant experience, the ideas, emotions and tribulations involved in moving to another country. 

The Ultimate Immigrant

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Part of my assimilation when I firrst came to the U.S. came through comic books. I still love those same characters I saw on t.v. and read in books. The idea of having superpowers and unfanthomable abilities was something that has always facinated me to this day. It's only now that I realize how powerful comics and its characters can be.  

Take for example Superman, the ultimate immigrant.
Contrary to nativist myth, migrants, authorized and unauthorized, continue to assimilate to the U.S. at rates equal to or faster than migrants in the past. 

The Los Angeles Times reports that the census "portrays more of a melting pot in Southern California."

The Arizona Republic reports on a study that turns perceptions of migrants' English use "on its head."  A study of German migrants from the past shows they were much worse at assimilating than migrants are today.

It just goes to show that this myth that Latino migration, or majority world migration, is any different from migration from the past is really nothing but a racist perception.

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