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Post-election Voto Latino asked its membership what it should be doing and a majority suggested focusing on migration.  This is another indicator of how important fixing the broken U.S. migration system is to voting Latinos.  As a result Voto Latino is beginning a new campaign to fight back against hate.  The kick-off for this campaign is an interview over Skype with Robert Cantu

According to Mount Vernon News, Cantu has been the victim of two attacks in the small town of Mount Vernon, Ohio.  The failure to act on behalf of the local police department raises serious questions about their commitment to justice.  The attack that has been the subject of national headlines is one in which Cantu's attacker, Dale Klein, is alleged to have done the following:

According to Cantu the incident occurred on or about May 30, 2008. Cantu said he was with a friend when Klein and three others jumped him, and tied a rope with a noose around his neck. The other end of the rope was tied to a truck and Cantu said he was dragged for several feet. After stopping the truck, the attackers, allegedly including Klein, exited the truck and began to attack Cantu. According to Cantu, a passer-by, Ezzy Thompson, who was known to Cantu, intervened, chasing off the attackers and removing the noose from Cantu's neck.
George Breithaupt - Mount Vernon News (17 June 2009)

In the Voto Latino video Cantu further alleges that his attackers called him a "spic" and a "border jumper" while they carried out the attack.  Nevertheless, Klein has gotten only 10 days for his offense which clearly fits the profile of a hate crime.  Cantu has reasons to continue to be fearful as he alleges in the Voto Latino he has received additional threats as a result of this case.

I'm happy Voto Latino has listened to its membership and taken up this important cause.  I look forward to the additional material that Voto Latino comes up with.  

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